Curse of the Full Freezer

So, most people choose springtime to do their ‘internal house cleaning’  . . . or January, you know, with all those resolutions. I have always used the fall as my time to renew, redo and restart, and this fall is no different. A friend of ours has started a new business—retailing organic produce (see link at right if you live in the Atlanta area, Tug of the Earth). In the interest of supporting our dear friend and eating some yummy food, we have begun ordering from him weekly. This has been our first step into changing the eating habit of our (rather large) family. 

I have decided to push, pull and drag my family along with me on my new venture: moving away from processed, high fat, high sugar, non-REAL foods into more healthful, organic, and home-grown staples. This will not be an easy task. Not only do I have seven children with extremely different eating habits—a vegetarian teenager who won’t eat whole grains, all the way down to a five-year old who eats nothing but hotdogs and is happy to do so—but I have to deal with the sheer logistics of feeding a family nine on a daily basis. Not to mention I have a black thumb, so the gardening part will be hard. Husband has agreed to take on that part.

Cost is an issue. Taste is an issue. Time is an issue. Life is an issue.

Most of the older girls swim, and so we have the added burden of making sure they eat the right foods to sustain them through two hour workouts four to five days a week. They are almost all in school and are programmed to eat what the school serves. This is partially my fault as I have consistently relied on the ease of school lunches as almost every mom does. Wanting to jump in with both feet, I got up this morning intent on making the kids whole wheat waffles for breakfast. On a search for the flour, I realized that my freezers were jam-packed full of food.

I realized I need to move more slowly.

I have made a pact with myself to fill the freezer with healthy options—no more pre-packaged waffles and pancakes, soon to be gone are the pizza rolls and frozen egg rolls. I have no problem throwing out this type of food, but I cannot throw out good meat and vegetables, even if they aren’t organic.

SO . . . my plan is to throw out the old stuff, the highly processed stuff and the just plain bad for you stuff, but eat our way through the freezers (notice the plural) that contain chicken, beef and pork tenderloin. When we have depleted the previously bought food, I will then replace with the more healthful option. Hopefully, in this process I will gain some insight into myself and my family. I will think more about what we are eating, rather than buy something just to buy it. I am hoping there will be less waste, less money spent, less everything.

What’s for dinner tonight? I found chicken thighs that I bought at Costco and set them out to thaw. I am going to roast them, shred them and make something. I’m thinking chicken soup or stew or enchiladas. A friend of mine suggested greek pitas so that Lucy could have a veg option . . . I’m not exactly sure yet, but the point is, most of us are eating chicken tonight.


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