So, what did we eat?

This is just a quick addendum to yesterday’s post about the chicken. We ended up doing the Greek thing and it was all kinds of awesome. For my vegetarian daughter, I made falafel, loosely following Guy Fieri’s recipe (I halved it and changed it a bit, but for the most part it was the same). If you are wanting to make falafel, I highly recommend this recipe. I’ll post what we did on the recipe page.

The best part, was that Lucy helped! I was able to teach her how to cook something that she can eat, and we were able to spend time together. We also made an Angel Food cake, using up the last of the “grocery store eggs” – so now, we have something we need to replace and can do so at our local egg farm. Actually, it’s just a guy up the street who sells eggs, which is kind of cool. More on that later.

Falafel and Roasted Chicken Gyro with Cucumber Sauce


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