A Visit to the Doctor


As school approaches (have I mentioned this?) in four days, I am cramming in all of the doctor and dentist appointments. Finding separate times for seven kids to get to the doctor is a lot of running back and forth. I am simpatico with the ladies behind the desk. Today was Lucy’s day to go visit and we had some questions regarding her vegetarianism, or pescetarianism to be more specific with regards to her diet. Like all teenagers, she is trying to be healthy but finds it challenging in the face of the over-processed, sugar carb filled, quick foods that are pushed on all of us from just about every direction. Even her school lunch program confuses the issue by saying they want the kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, but have the “grill line” where they can get a hamburger and fries. Every. Single. Day. Give teenagers a choice between french fries and a salad, and well . . .

Lucy’s doctor mentioned this morning the “5 a day” push from the federal guidelines that we’ve been hearing about. She clarified it though: 5 a day for fruits and vegetables means exactly that – 5 a day EACH. So TEN a day. For adults, its SEVEN of each. That’s not easy. Why, it’s almost as if they want us to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables with only a little meat here and there. *GASP*

It is exactly that.

So . . . what do we eat? Last night we had spaghetti with meat sauce made with canned tomatoes I had in the pantry and meat I had in the freezer – still trying to eat our way through the freezer. It is really amazing what I am finding in there. Today, with the leftover sauce, I am making a pot of chili. The only thing I put in the spaghetti sauce that I wouldn’t normally put in chili was fresh basil from my garden. I am hoping the flavor won’t be too prevalent in my chili. But, oh well if it is, at least I haven’t gone to the store!


The major thing to replace this week is hamburger buns. In the effort to reduce the amount of red meat we eat, not to mention waste, Forrest and I have decided to always make hamburgers as sliders. This way, if he wants two, he can have two (and probably still eat less meat than if he made one regular burger), the kids can have one and finish the whole thing, and I have cut my food consumption in half (have I mentioned I would like to lose weight as well?).

As of now, I have only found slider burger buns made by Pepperidge Farm. Perfectly lovely taste, but made from the same processed flour as all the white bread in the store. I’ve found a recipe from King Arthur for dinner rolls that I’ve decided will be our new hamburger buns. If I shape them correctly, I can use them as hot dog buns too. Yes, I know. Hot dogs. That’s a whole other issue. One thing at a time, please.



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