Whew! Time flies!

So, I realize it has been a little while since I’ve posted, but gosh, this family is a full-time job! I am going to try and post once a week.

I have been hard at work making the changes in our diet and I have to say, I am inordinately pleased with the enthusiasm of the kids. I thought it would be a cold day in Hell before they’d let me pry the Doritos from their little orange-covered fingers, but no. They have wholeheartedly . . . okay, well that might be a wee exaggeration . . . better than begrudgingly jumped on the Whole Food bandwagon.

Instead of chips, they eat fruit. Instead of packaged granola bars, they eat organic granola over vanilla yogurt. For school, they are more often than not, preparing their lunches at home, chock full of fruit, homemade bread, grilled vegetables, string cheese, the list goes on and on. It takes a little bit more thought on their part, coming home to an organized pantry filled with things to make rather than things to grab, but overall, they’ve done a good job. I’ve only heard, “Mom, there’s nothing to eat!” once a day or so.

To say I am proud is an understatement.

When I cleaned out the pantry, getting rid of stuff we just didn’t eat, or had been in there, for . .  ahem  . . . ever, the first thing they said was, “We have no food!” I pointed out that we did indeed have food, but that they may actually have to spread peanut butter on a cracker by themselves instead of ripping open a plastic wrapper.

Any drawbacks, you ask? Well, yes. Now that you mention it.

Cost is an issue. At the end of this month, I will reassess the grocery bill, and I’m terrified of what I will find. Not only do I go to the grocery store, and the egg farm, and the market more often, I tend to spend $100 every time. I have since adopted a “Good, Better, Best” philosophy. Would it be “Best” to buy organic cane sugar? Yes, of course it would be, but at $6 per five pound bag, the cost is literally double that of regular sugar. On some things, we must settle for simply “Good.” I have discovered that I have to weed out the most important foods and change those that need to be changed (see list of those vital foods at the bottom). I cannot let myself get sucked into the “organic label” too far. If it is on sale, fine. If not, we either do without or eat regular. This is a paradigm shift and I am sure as we walk down this rocky path, my senses will hone and I will find a nice balance.

Life is all about balance after all.

List of foods to change immediately, and eat organic. I got this from a NYTimes article.

1. Milk – buy organic, it actually tastes better.

2. Ketchup – more antioxidants in organic ketchup

3. Peanut Butter – author’s note: I have an unhealthy love for Jif Peanut Butter. Not that I won’t eat organic, but nor will I give up Jif. Remember the ‘balance’ comment above? Just sayin’.

4. Apples

5. Potatoes

What did we eat this week? Last night we had grass-fed slider hamburgers (meat on sale at Whole Foods) and sweet potato fries with Caesar salad. Lucy ate a piece of grilled tilapia. We’ve also eaten roasted free-range chicken with homemade gravy and mashed potatoes, spaghetti pie with organic chard and ham, homemade taco night (Lucy had a fish taco) with organic Mexican spoonbread, and our traditional Thursday night soup and sandwiches.

I say we did pretty well! This was all with me being gone every night for swim coach training as well as some PTA obligations. All were things I made ahead. Let me know if you want recipes.

It can be done, but it all needs to be planned out.

Good luck!


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