All words that describe my life. This post won’t be as much about food as it is about a snapshot of right now. I am sitting, breathless in my brown chair in my room, quite literally hiding. I come up here when things get to be too much in this house (which is at least four times a week). Mornings before school are sometimes like this, and most especially when I am still tired from the weekend.

Three of my children are in elementary school, which means their bus leaves at 7am sharp. My eighth grader takes French at the high school and also needs to leave the house at 6:50am. These conditions, plus the added stress of my high schooler often using this time to finish projects on the computer that (usually) require my assistance (pictures, formatting, French accent usage, etc.), makes for an hour of very fragmented and heightened noise and activity. When they, and by they I mean the three elementary kids, the husband and the eighth grader leave, the house gets almost silent. Instantly. I can once again hear the outside through the open windows, the roar of cars as they meander towards their destinations, the rustle of the trees in the breeze, and the quiet singing of my two year old as she entertains herself since there is no one else about to do the job for her.

The juxtaposition of such environments is startling. It almost throws me off course as the switch is made with the shutting of the front door (the elementary kids leaving) and the shutting of the car door (Dear Husband as he takes the eighth grader to French).

It is almost deafening, this silence … but in a good way.

I am very organized; it is a fact. But then, I really have to be because there are many, many moving parts and when one part breaks down, I have to be able to compensate quickly. When I have days like this, quiet one minute, deafening noise another, I cherish the quiet because I feel like it is my chance to regroup, reorder, refresh my brain to take on the next challenge, or at least the next peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

And I make the most of it. Sometimes going as far to actually write down my day on a piece of paper. Old-fashioned for sure in this day of iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro (yes, I have all three and use them almost every minute of the day), but I feel happier with paper and pencil taped to the refrigerator door. When I sense my day is spiraling out of order and things are becoming jumbled like the whirling-dervish that is my brain sometimes, the very act of using my hands to write words is calming … soothing … smoothing. My life instantly becomes organized and I am in control of things I can control agin.

So, there really isn’t a purpose to this blog post, other than to help my calm return. Hopefully those of you who read it will sense that in the words and will be calmed yourself.


About krob3

Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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4 Responses to Life

  1. Gorgeous writing here Kit, I can just hear the chaos and then having it all shut off with the slam of the door.

    Calm, ground and centre. You’ll be right.

  2. jendauthor says:

    Ah yes …. the switch that is the slamming front door. I love that switch. I’m so happy that writing is calming for you, because your words are certainly calming for *me*. ~Jen

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