What’s Your Theme Song?


Yesterday was one of “those” days. You know the ones. They start off slow and manageable and by 6:30 pm you feel like your in that movie Saving Private Ryan.

Things didn’t go off kilter until about 3:30 pm. That’s when I went to pick up my son. As you know my mom has Alzheimer’s and one of the symptoms is that she is fearful of being alone. So she goes with me everywhere. We picked up my son and ran to The Fresh Market ($2.99 Tuesday). That place was off the hook. The lines were like Disney. Then I had to go to another grocery store to pick up misc items, not too bad. I dropped mom (not without some complaints) and said son off at home and went out to pick up the second round of kids.

My oldest daughter had drama practice until 5:15 pm. But the problem was my youngest daughter was due back from a field trip to Raleigh at 5:30 pm. Can you hear The Flight of the Bumblebee playing in the background? So as fate would have it my drama queen was late and I made the executive decision to go get the field tripper. Drove over to that school. Meanwhile every time I passed a Chick-fil-A or Mc Donald’s the four year old was begging me for anything– a drink, a nugget, a fruit cup (think Oliver Twist).

So I’m waiting for the bus to arrive. I’ve turned off my car because I’m running on fumes, add that to the to do list. The bus was fifteen minutes late, everyone’s was exhausted and we all had to go to the bathroom!  I get ready to go to shouts and complaints and my car was dead. I guess I left my lights on because it had been raining earlier. Okay, I thought, I’ll call my husband alert him and wait to be rescued. No way. My phone was at 3%. I’ve mention my issues with battery life. I think those issues involve batteries both big and small.  The good news is I had jumper cables in the back of my car because of all my battery issues. The bad news is I’m not exactly sure how to use them. I mean I know red to red and black to black. But don’t you blow up if you do it wrong? Do you hear the music in the background getting louder? So I run over to the teachers. They look at me like “really we’ve just been on an all day field trip with a bunch of fourth graders?”  But one teacher takes pity on me and says she’ll pull her car around. So I ran over to my car and waited with cables in hand. Where is a dude when you need one? Then my guardian angel appeared. The nicest man driving a brand new Camry and he knew how to use jumper cables and not blow anyone up.

He jumped my car and I headed for the drama queen. The kids started cheering because we were mobile again. But don’t forget the problem of an almost empty gas tank (can’t shut off the car) and calling all of those I’ve alerted to the situation.

This story is getting out of control much like the day I had yesterday. I finally got home with Chinese takeout at about 7 pm. And even though there were road blocks i.e. the bathroom at the gas station being out of order and the pharmacy screwing up my mom’s meds (the last stop on this intrepid excursion) it all worked out. We saved Private Ryan!

But it made me think… If I had a theme song, because many days I delude myself into thinking I’m in some bazaar movie, what would it be? At this stage of my life most days it would be Flight of the Bumble Bee. One day I hope it’s a soft and lingering classical concerto. We’ll see. What’s your theme song?


About genxmommy1

Mother of four, wife and daughter. I'm busy but I'm putting myself "out there". I hope to learn and share whatever knowledge I've been able to scrape off this planet.
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