We’re having fun … right?

I got this great email from Candice this morning. It was her entire schedule for the day written out according to the time. It was going to be one of those days, and such a detailed and meticulous schedule was totally necessary. I used to do that in college, back in the day before iCal and Reminders and emails that you send to yourself. I’d write out my schedule in fifteen minute increments. It was a way for me to find secret time for myself. And sometimes, when it is all written down like that, what seems so overwhelming in your mind isn’t as bad. I think this is because you aren’t CONSTANTLY replaying it. Its there. Once. As an aside, Candice had mentioned how she’d found an app where you could send future emails to yourself about stuff. It probably wasn’t all that different than a regular Reminder, but wouldn’t it be cool to be able to change the list on your kids’ phones? Because we all know that kids haven’t quite figured out that they really do need to keep a running list ….


I digress, sorry. (By the way, the above isn’t MY reminder list – mine isn’t that cool.)


So, anyway, I got her email coming off a weekend like no other in recent memory. I am glad it is over as fun as it was. (Fun, being a tad sarcastic.)


Lucy went for her driver’s test on Friday and didn’t pass. This was unacceptable, as this particular week is one where I really, really needed her to drive herself to work after school. They said we could come back as early as Saturday morning for her to retake the test. Lucy was upset of course, not even stopping to listen to me tell her how almost NO ONE passes it on the first try. I didn’t, my friend Lisa didn’t, I bet if I put it out there, most of you would say the same. But anyway, as there were no more appointments for Saturday morning, she was going to have to be back at the DMV at the ass-crack of dawn to get in line as a walk-in. I was taking Emma and Abby to Allstate Chorus auditions at a high school an hour north, and Forrest had to take Lizzie to her soccer game, so this had to work. As it was, poor Lizzie played most of her soccer game sans cheering parent, but Forrest got there in time for the last twenty minutes … after Lucy PASSED her driving test.


The day continued in much the same stressful vein with me negotiating GMEA procedures and long … loooonnnnggg wait times as Emma and Abby sang their solos, did the sight-reading, took the theory test, etc. all with Mary, the three year old and her shiny new pink cast. Oh, I forgot to mention? Mary broke her arm Friday night and she and I were at Children’s until after midnight. So all of the above (ass-crack of dawn leaving, 2 soccer games, Allstate auditions an hour away, mass at 4:30 in a strange church because I knew if I made it home, I would never leave) was done on about four hours of sleep. Mary finally fell asleep in the camping chair at 3 in the afternoon.

Sunday was similar as I was the only coach from our pool at a meet down in Jonesboro, GA (an hour the other direction). Forrest was left to fend for himself with all but Emma, Abby and Mollie (Emma was spending the night with a friend and going to see a Sunday afternoon show and Abby and Mollie were with me, competing in the swim meet). He had to deal with church and PSR and shuffling all the little kids around. Finally, at five in the afternoon, I was prepping dinner (I’d had the foresight to put a chuck roast in the crock pot) when Forrest and I got to talk and discuss. Did we talk about fun stuff? Did we talk about our next date night?






We spoke about this week and unrelenting schedule. I could go on and on about it, but it would just exhaust you. It exhausts me! Suffice it to say, I followed Candice’s lead and wrote down on a piece of paper mind you, where I could stare at it and cross off stuff as I got it done – everything that needed to be done before 3pm (which is when the REAL fun starts!). Tomorrow, I will do the same thing. I am focusing on one day at a time and I know from experience that the hours seem to go by regardless.





Eventually the week will be over.







P.S. Dinner tonight is this. Emma and I discussed it on the way to school. We needed a casserole that everyone would like, and could be ready to eat by 5:30. Lucy will have a piece of roasted salmon – found it on sale at Target today! SuperTarget (and their surprisingly good selection of organics) FTW!


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2 Responses to We’re having fun … right?

  1. Wendy Kenny says:

    Cozi.com is a great family calendar and it will send anyone in your family reminders and everyone in the family can add their own stuff to it. Everyone in a central location that you can access from your phone.

    • krob3 says:

      I love that! At the moment, they all have iPhones, which work great because I can change their calendars and it sets up a “reminder” but there is also just that working list of “things to do” you know? Like things about their schoolwork and stuff that I don’t know. I HOPE they use the reminders app, but I’m not certain … lol.

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