The Gift

Remember the pressure cooker post, well someone turned up the gas today! I stand by my theory that we are always in the midst of crisis or just getting over one. Tonight I’m getting over one or rather my fifteen year old daughter is. Today we were at the ER for four hours.  The pediatrician sent us to the local children’s emergency room. It isn’t ever good when your pediatrician makes you go to the emergency room. This morning at 9:45 am I really thought we’d do the obligatory strep, mono, flu tests and be done by 11:30 am in time to pick up my four-year old by 12pm. But when the pediatrician “suggested” we head for the ER there was no turning back.

The reason for the trip was further testing for symptoms of possible meningitis. Yes MEN-IN-GI-TIS! I don’t like that word, it has way too many vowels. So we headed over to the ER but not until my daughter (who is very very afraid of needles) made the pediatrician give her the full details on a spinal tap. She was panicking.  I was panicking. Happy place…where is my happy place. Tell a joke. Do anything. PRAY.

Yes, today was a doozy. But now that I’ve had time to give thanks, eat, sit down and contemplate the events of today I see it as a gift. It was a gift because yesterday I was caught up. Caught up in all that “other stuff” that grown up people worry about. Things like money, taxes, grades, classes, laundry, cleaning, schedules, appointments, being late for appointments, making more appointments, what to mail, going through the mail and deleting useless email.  What today gave me was laser focus on what really matters…the people I love. Not the “other stuff”. None of those things matter if something happens to the people I love. They are why I’m doing the “other stuff”. Another remarkable thing is that my husband felt the same way. It was like we were both handed a moment of mutual clarity and realized this is what it is all about.

The good news is my daughter does not have meningitis (Thank God). The doctors said it was a combination of a virus and anxiety. I talked to her about all of her “other stuff” that caused the anxiety. I explained to her that this minutia is part of life.  We all get caught up in it and it is our job to redirect our focus on what is really important…our family and those we love.

Where is your focus today?


About genxmommy1

Mother of four, wife and daughter. I'm busy but I'm putting myself "out there". I hope to learn and share whatever knowledge I've been able to scrape off this planet.
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