A Big Sigh of Relief


I made it.


Well, sort of.


It is Thursday (My. Best. Day!) and it is evening (night for me, I am early to bed, early to rise, generally) and I am done with my stuff of the past two weeks. Pictures, work, homecoming, work, swim meets, work, Reflections night, work, Drama club, two birthdays. It is all over. Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for the mountains where I will contemplate icy air and brilliant colors and just how frigid is the water in the Toccoa River? My major decisions will be how many frozen pizzas to cook and is there one with no meat for Lucy to eat? Did we bring enough wine? Enough milk and cereal? What time does Carolina play? Is a full-peck of apples too many?


Essentially, it is just geography. My life will continue on much as it does here. I will still need to make sure the kids eat, break up petty arguments, find the lost DS game, pray to GOD that the kids don’t wreck the pool table in our rented house. But it will be different, because I will be in a different place. We are only there for the weekend, but somehow that is just enough to revive, renew, reenergize for this crazy whirlwind existence. When we get back, things will be quaint again, fun again and I will be able to face the coming weeks with calm and patience. There is just something about the meandering, mogul-like treetops; hills and valleys, bumps and swags of orange and red and yellow and brown and green that soothes me and restores my soul. Small towns and interesting shops that sell fuzzy hats and thick socks and chunky boots and apple butter and muscadine jelly. I never buy any of it, but I love to look. I love to pretend.

I spent much of my morning on the computer. SAT scores came out today, things had to be done, checked on, looked in to. ITBS scores came in last week and things had to be signed up for, paid for, registered. CRCT scores from last year needed to be researched. Emails had to be written, teachers reached out to, questions asked “off the record” about placement for next year. It was exhausting. My mother always says that I run a corporation. It is sort of like that, information needs to be gathered, distributed, filtered and analyzed in order to prepare each coming week or month or next year. That was what much of this morning was about. Hours flew by in minutes. This was after the mad dash back and forth across the county at eight am because Mollie was in Honor Chorus. But I got it all done. Work. Cheesecake fund-raiser pickup. SAT registration. Dinner (which was grilled hot dogs – nothing glamorous there, but we ate in three shifts and hot dogs accommodate such a schedule – besides, they were Hebrew National). Concert-listening. Homework. Biology quizzes.


It all got done, and now my reward is clean mountain air and family and football.


And a new Google Earth location for a few days.


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Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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