Full Disclosure

“In the interest of full disclosure …”


I started two texts to two different friends this way today. Both were informing them of my contagion household and warning them against spending time with my children in confined spaces. Like cars to swim practice or kitchen tables for reading tutoring. “The bug” that is going around the entire southeast has struck my household in a big way. Namely with me, but also with three of the kids. I just figured that my girlfriends would want proper warning about the possibility of snotty noses, coughing, wheezing, you know … the good times.


Both friends were smart enough to steer clear of the Robertsons.


But that isn’t what I wanted to talk about. I want to talk about how tomorrow is Halloween!! YAY! I love Halloween. I love the decorations, I love the costumes, I really love the candy, but mostly, I love the smell of the crunchy leaves, the brisk, cold air, and how the bed feels when the room is cold and the covers are warm. I love that Thanksgiving is next and Christmas is after that. The weekends are absolutely insane, of course, but mainly I love wearing warm oversized sweaters and thick socks and the smell of the gas stove that heats our house.


My husband sent me an email with a link to a Wall Street Journal article. He frequently does this and they cover a huge spectrum of subjects; anything from self-publishing to wine. This particular article was about cereal. Not just any cereal mind you, but the very antithesis of any kind of cereal I would ever consider buying. The kind of cereal that the kids only get at Grandma’s house, or at the beach. The kind of cereal that they show on TV next to a 1/4 cup of white sugar in order to show you exactly what your kids are eating. How does any of this have anything to do with Halloween you ask? Its because the cereal was this:

Apparently, these cereals (including Count Chocula, which isn’t pictured here) are only available during Halloween for a very short time.

They are so hard to find in fact, that there is a whole sect of people who go hunting for these cereals and buy all of them and hoard them for months. So, I read this article and then I started to pay attention. I went to my Publix. No Cereal. We were in the mountains at Ingles. No Cereal. I started wondering, were people waiting for this and cleaned out the stores when they were put out? Or was all of this just a marketing ploy to get people like ME to look for the cereal and buy it?

In the interest of full disclosure (and a complete one-eighty to my maxims and principles) I must confess … I finally found some at my Super Target yesterday, and of course I had to buy some. I honestly thought it would cause fights, arguments, screams of, “Mom! She got the last bowl!” We all know someone has to have the last bowl, but by God, it better be me! Knowing it would cause issues, I bought the cereal anyway because, well … it’s Limited Edition don’t cha know and I want to be the cool mom some of the time.

They honestly don’t really like it all that much. The pink cereal makes the milk pink and the blue cereal makes the milk blue. I cringe when I think about what exactly it is that causes that strange color, but then I cringe even more when I see the fluorescent milk being poured down the drain because the kids won’t drink it. But I can’t make myself make them.

Here is the link to the article if you want to read it. I’m curious, is there a “seasonal” product that you spend your whole year waiting for?


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4 Responses to Full Disclosure

  1. Mimi says:

    that would be clementines

  2. Wendy Kenny says:

    Edy’s Peppermint Stick ice cream & Stacy’s Gingerbread pitas

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