Houselves and hilarity

Okay, so … you know when you’ve had one of those weeks that puts everything into perspective for you.

Clearly. Suddenly.

You are left shaking your head, heaving, knowing you’ve just dodged a bullet of major proportions and thanking your lucky stars.

I’ve had one of those weeks (and yes, I know it is only Thursday), but Forrest and I have lived through it, as has Mary, Thank GOD. Not to go into too much detail but Mary was very sick. Turns out it was/is a UTI, but it caused a fever of 105.8 and we were running scared there for a little bit. She is much, much better and on the mend. I expect within a few days she will exactly perfect.

That’s not really what I’m writing about though. I’m writing about how after a couple of days like we’ve had, we had a huge moment of hilarity this morning that put everything back right. Of course, I also discovered how quickly I will abandon ship, leaving everyone to fend for themselves as soon as I am faced with a creature that shouldn’t be in my house.

Super Mom I am NOT. Apparently.

We have two cats, Winky (the baby cat) and Dobby (the Alpha male who tolerates Winky). They are named after two of the three houselves in my beloved Harry Potter’s story and are affectionately known as our own personal houselves. Dobby goes outside, but Winky is relegated to the indoors, so we have various toys and items for her to play with. She is still a kitten and alternates between 1 million miles an hour as she zooms around the house and dead out sleep. Seriously, Ben can carry her around and all she does is hang there in her arms like a long, lanky ferret. Its crazy what she will endure from all of the kids. One of Winky’s favorite things to do is play with the small soccer ball, batting it around and playing as well as Pele, or Mia Hamm (maybe we should have named her Mia Cat). Her other favorite toys are the small mice that she swats and tosses, corners and carries around in her mouth.

Winky, a true Gryffindor!

So, it was a typical morning in the Robertson household before school, everyone except Abby was awake doing their various thing, Winky was darting from corner to corner, and Mary was chasing her. I’m sitting in a chair with my coffee about to do Mollie’s hair when Mary and Winky end up behind me. Next thing I know, Mary is holding one of Winky’s “mice” up in front of me saying, “Look Mommy! I got her mouse from her!” The item is two inches from my face, and it takes me about two seconds to realize it WAS A REAL (DEAD) MOUSE! 

Did I remain calm?

Ask her to drop it?

Consider her welfare at all and what may happen to her if it were alive? (in my defense, I knew it was dead, but I did think for a split second about it biting her.)

Um, no.

I sprinted from that chair faster than I could say out loud, “Holy $h*t! It’s a REAL mouse!” I was in the dining room in .002 seconds listening to Mollie screaming, Mary crying (because we’d scared her), Forrest asking what the HELL was going on, Emma yelling at Mollie for yelling at Mary – in short, it was bedlam.


Obviously, not one of my prouder moments. Ahem. 

I am going with the story that this poor creature was “Lucy’s Mouse” (see previous post Things that Scurry in the Night) and when I fixed the hole in the garage, that I actually blocked him in. It is his misfortune to have chosen a house protected by the magical houselves.

Forrest discarded the mouse out in the back woods, I washed Mary’s hands with antibacterial soap, calmed her down and we were all left laughing about the things that happen … never a dull day. Although, I will say, I VASTLY prefer this type of craziness to Tuesday’s craziness at the doctor. I’m still trying to block that out.


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One Response to Houselves and hilarity

  1. Susie says:

    This story gave me a good chuckle! I enjoy the adventures of the Robertson family! Love you all!

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