Keep Calm and Jingle On


I told her I’d do it, and I did it.

Totally stole Candice’s quote to me last week when I was literally drowning in the quagmire that was pneumonia, strep and yes, the dreaded flu. As it is, my son is passed out on the couch asleep right next to me, I listen to him cough and I wonder … is it that kind of cough?

“Only two of the nine of us have escaped completely unscathed,” she whispers, knocking wood at the same time. (I whisper because I don’t want the Gods of sickness to hear and laugh hysterically, pointing their bony fingers at me, unleashing another wave of sleepless nights, changing sheets and cleaning carpets. Yes, we’ve all been there.)

Keep Calm and Jingle On. Unknown-1

This is what Candice told me to do when I explained to her that I am on a first name basis with everyone in the pediatrician’s office. INCLUDING the doctor.

Its funny though, how things still have to get done. I started the week with BIG plans. I was going to make a menu for the rest of the month, I was going to do all the Christmas decorations (because, like an idiot, I offered to have the office party at my house), I was going to have all the shopping planned. None of this has happened. The dining room is still covered with boxes, my Menu iCal is still blank, and my refrigerator is getting emptier by the hour as I scramble on a daily basis to figure out what we are eating, all the while taking temperatures, hydrating, and working.

It’s cool, I made it. I didn’t write any blog posts though, and for that I apologize. My head was down, my chin was tucked, and I barreled through my week. Thank God for Costco and their $5 chickens. I managed to make four meals out of them, everything from as is (roasted) with vegetables to chicken salad to chicken noodle soup. It worked out and we made it through. The Farmer’s Market Baskets helped too. I wrote about them last post – fresh, organic vegetables for way cheap.

Things are better today, Ben is still not well, but the rest of us are recovering. I indulged myself some and the weather cooperated (grey and rainy): reading, writing the Christmas letter, reading some more. It was lovely. Tomorrow, I will begin again with my plan from last week. I’m going to make the menus for the rest of the month and finish the Christmas decorations. I’ve decided that I will let the Farmer’s Market dictate my vegetables and sides. I’m hoping this will really cut down on the cost because I’m only going to buy the meat that is on sale now (and buy enough of it for the rest of the month). Milk, bread and the veg can be gotten on a weekly basis. The best part about the menu being done is that the stress is gone from the day. If we decide to do something different, no problem, switch the days.

Tonight we are having spaghetti and meatballs. I’ve made enough meatballs for dinner tonight and for Greek later in the week. Falafel can be made tomorrow and kept in the fridge. Chicken and pork dishes will need to be thought of, but we have two chorus concerts and a birthday, so having my week planned will be key. Next week has its own challenges with the school parties, EOCT’s and final exams, and my anniversary. And then of course … Christmas and New Year’s.


Keep calm … and jingle on, baby.


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