The Glee of Late Night


So … I’m awake.


It’s 2am, I have a crazy, busy Monday and week ahead of me (who doesn’t, its two weeks before Christmas?) and I’m awake in the middle of the night. The sickness in our house is almost abated, but Ben is still holding on to the glory days and spent most of his late evening crying out which kept me just above the surface of sleep for a few hours. At midnight, I just gave up and got up because … may as well be productive, right? Besides, I was having those “Beautiful Mind” dreams. You know the ones, where you think about the same thing over and over because your brain can’t settle? Doing the same thing over and over (even in your mind) and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.


Oh … wait.


So, I got up, threw in the towel, both literally and figuratively. The Laundry Fairy and I have had some close, bonding time over Glee On Demand for the last two hours. Watching Rachel and Finn break for good, Blaine and Kurt emotionalize and Cassandra and Kitty spin their dastardly webs? Ouch. This is some serious late night stuff. But it is great for folding clothes because I can hear everything, no “Mom!” in the middle of crucial dialogue, no doors slamming or arguments over the computer. Now it is almost 2:30 and I’m finally ready to try and sleep again. Its astounding how much I can accomplish in the middle of the night. Five loads of laundry, perfectly folded, and stacked. Towels. Sheets. Jeans (oh, the jeans) and sweaters all in leaning towers of Pisa ready for their respective owners in the morning.


If I can wake up before they go to school.


What is your late night indulgence? Are you a laundry fairy like me? Or are you an emailer/problem-solver, someone who enjoys lobbing the ball back in the other person’s court before they even have their morning coffee? I love being that kind of person.


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Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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