The 12 Days of Sickness


I wish you could see me now. Ensconced in my brown chair in my room, the dark outside making itself known through the gentle fall of rain and the occasional gust of wind. All is quiet in my house. One would never know the carnage, the sleeplessness, the never-ending use of paper towels and lysol. At some point, all you can do is laugh. Forrest is beside himself, fraught with frustration because we haven’t all been healthy at one time in well over two months now.

I am not exaggerating.

In the spirit of the season, Candice and I have composed an alternative to the carol The 12 Days of Christmas.

Feel free to sing along.

“On the 12th day of sickness, my pediatrician said to me …

12 cans of soda

11 oyster crackers

10 queued up movies

9 loads of laundry

8 Ibuprofen

7 cans of Lysol

6 test strips curing


4 heaves an hour

3 Welts a itching

2 copays a day

AND an INCOMPLETE for Seventh Grade Exams!!”

So, that was fun. Honestly, I have to laugh, the alternative is just way too depressing. Have a wonderful Holiday Season my friends and be thankful for your time together, however it happens.


About krob3

Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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