My Little Black Book

IMG_3568Well, it isn’t little, its a spiral notebook.

And, it isn’t black either. Its good old Mead Notebook green, cuz that’s how I roll … err, work.

I’ve adopted a new method of organization. It isn’t high tech and it isn’t digitized (although I do still put the menu on iCal because if I can reduce the, “Mom, what’s for dinner?” question by even two kids, that is a win in my book), it is a good, old fashioned spiral notebook that I took from the school supply drawer.

I write everything down in it. Menus, shopping lists, budget numbers, party plans, book ideas, meeting notes (I’m on several committees at my myriad of schools). It stays with me in my very fancy, very expensive cloth bag that I bought for $.99 at The Gap several years ago. And even if I don’t carry the bag around with me, because very often, you will find me with just wallet, keys and phone, it stays in my car.

I started doing it this way for a very good reason.

I lose stuff. Well, wait, that’s not 100% true. I misplace stuff. I have piles of papers that range from Mary’s Alphabet writing sheets from preschool, to the complete contents of both Lizzie’s “Thursday Folder” and Bennett’s “Tuesday Folder,” to bills (both to be paid and already paid – designated by a slanted line drawn through it when paid so Husband knows to shred it), to … well, you understand. You probably have similar piles.

In the past, I always would start the new week with 2 new pieces of paper, one to write the menu on, and one to write the shopping list on. It worked great, but then the papers would inevitably end up in my piles and I would sit down after two to three weeks and throw everything away/recycle. Then one day, I sat down with my cookbooks (I collect them and have so, so many) in an effort to breathe new life into my tired menus. I spent hours pouring over, reading, and analyzing recipes. Were they healthy? Did they fall into our new way of eating? Were they affordable? I compiled a long list of lunches, dinners, breakfasts and snacks that I wanted to make and incorporate into my meal planning.

Then the worst thing ever happened; I lost it.

I don’t know if the painstakingly created list was recycled, shredded or just plain stuffed in one of the kids’ desk drawers never again to see the light of day. I was very upset with myself and from that day on decided to have my own notebook that would provide me with a brand new, clean piece of paper simply by turning the page. Plus, it allows me a record, if you will of what was good, what worked and what didn’t, and how much that week cost.

Why didn’t I do this before?


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