Fortune Cookies and Silver Linings

IMG_3612So, Sunday.

My “day off.”

We got up, went to mass, I dropped everyone off and then went to a friend’s house to pick up Abby’s swim bag that she had embroidered for me. Then I went to get gas in the truck because I was getting “the light” and then went back home, anxious to eat lunch and get out of my church clothes and back into my everyday clothes.

Everyone had already eaten (thankfully), so I stood in the corner by the television watching something on HGTV while eating my leftovers. I know … the glamorous life. Try not to be jealous.

Then husband and I had the ever exciting, hugely self-affirming discussion about the budget and where we need to try and save money and how much more can I cut the grocery budget by and what would we do if we won the lottery or if there was a big distribution at work. First of all, to win the lottery one has to play the lottery and the big distribution? Maybe one day, but right now, I am dealing with the bird in the hand and can only dream about the two (or four) in the bush.

Its spring and its Easter and with this time of year comes new clothes for the kids because, well, Abby is going on a field trip to Savannah where she needs three new dresses (like, dress-up dresses) and there is the 8th grade awards and the 8th grade dance, and the swim banquet. Mollie has the same swim banquet and the 6th grade awards, no dance thank goodness. Emma has the Shuler Hensley awards for her school’s production of Into the Woods, and has told me she doesn’t want to go to the swim banquet. Mary and Lizzie are just growing. And then of course, there’s Easter. Oh right. Thankfully, the older kids can overlap a few of these things, and Abby is smart enough to understand that a $4 Banana Republic dress from Goodwill is a fabulous buy and she will look fabulous in it, so we’ve shopped the resale and consignment stores with a modicum of success.

Basically, all this adds up to a lot of money. And stress. And hand-wringing. (I mean that metaphorically, of course.)

And, given the discussion on the money left for the month, well … you know. We’re eating lots of pasta.

So, I shopped with Abby yesterday, and then I shopped with Emma yesterday and because of the impeding rain for today, Emma and I spent a couple of hours in the pollen yellow yard planting flowers. Forrest and I had purchased impatiens Saturday and I wanted to get them in the ground before the rain. Afterward, dirty and achy, we sat on the deck listening to music and just enjoying the late afternoon. The breeze was blowing, the beer was cold (before anyone freaks, Emma did NOT have beer) and we laughed and discussed Emma’s last two crunch years of high school.

Needless to say, I did not want to make dinner. So, we shaved a little bit more off the budget (it’s looking whistle clean!) and got take out so we could eat with ease and watch River Monsters on Animal Planet. Easy Breezy Sunday night.

“Struggle as hard as you can for whatever you believe in.”

Wow. As silly as fortune cookies are, and as gross as they taste (I always let the kids eat mine), the fortune never fails to hit you in the gut. Or is that just me? Maybe it is just me … no, it can’t be just me, because Lizzie’s said something about how she is going to be successful in the medical field. She wants to be a cardiologist, so naturally she was like, “See, mom? Just like I told you.”

You go, Lizzie!

I truly believe we all have struggles according to 1. things we are supposed to learn and 2. what we are mentally and physically able to handle. I think everyone’s gifts and blessings and crosses to bear are different from everyone else’s according to those two parameters. Life is hard and unfair. But life is also full of good. Good friends. Good times. Good food. Good laughs. These are the things we are supposed to hang on to because these things together produce the Yin and the Yang (the dark and the light, one is impossible without the other) of our daily lives.

So remember, the next time your day is really sucky or your budget is blown, try to find your Yang, because there is always a Yang (also known as a silver lining). And if you can’t find it, go get some Chinese food and read your fortune.

Because they’re always right. Right?


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