Is there ever a good time to start a project? Have a baby? Start a diet? Begin living on a budget?

There is always the, “I’ll start next week, because *this* week I have too much to do … the youngest is just out of diapers … I have a party and I have to make cupcakes … we are going on vacation …”

Yada yada yada. At some point, way back when, I was saying all these things to myself and I realized, hey, this is LIFE. There is never, ever a good time to start anything new. You just have to make yourself do it because as I’ve thought about it, there are a few things I know.

1. I will never get younger.

2. A year from now, do I still want to be living like I am now?

3. What are my plans and what do I need to NOW so that THEN I am living the dream of NOW?

(Did any of that make sense?)

At any given time, I have about three-four projects going on at once. This week it is drapes for a client, the girls’ upstairs bathroom which connects to Abby’s room that I have been promising to finish since we did The Great Room Swap last fall, and … the BASEMENT. (I feel like there should be theme music for that. Duh duh duh) The basement disaster is like the scene from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure when he’s rescuing the animals from the fire. He keeps passing by the snakes … eventually he rescues them too, but I know how he felt. If I never go down the basement, I can pretend it isn’t as bad as it is.

But its bad. Like, really bad.

Lucy moves home in exactly two weeks and two days. She is done with finals on May 2 and I will go get her on May 3. During her previous visits home, she has literally lived out of her suitcase. Her clothes are stacked next to the half-assembled, 1/3 of the pieces lost Cinderella castle from five Christmases ago.  Her toiletries stay in a bag on top of the train set table that no matter how much Gorilla glue I used to glue the pieces down, Bennett still managed to pull all the buildings and tracks apart. Plus, I think they stood on it, because the legs have collapsed. The Dora the Explorer kitchen is lined up next to the huge box of these weird plastic block things which is lined up next to the pretend work bench that is lined up next to the play bowling pins. Baskets and baskets are full of headless Barbies and dollhouse furniture for one of the five dollhouses that sit up on the counter.

She can’t live like that. She just can’t.

Upstairs is different, but in its own way just as bad. The kids all switched around rooms back around fall break last October when Emma moved downstairs to Lucy’s old room. Abby got her own room, Lizzie got Emma’s old loft in Bennett’s old room, and Mollie stayed put. Three girls sharing a bathroom with wallpaper that was awful when we moved in is doable, but not ideal. What was not doable was the carpet in the bathroom, so we had new tile put down. (Nasty! Who puts carpet in a bathroom?) The connecting room is Abby’s “new” room, and was Lizzie and Mary’s old room complete with holes from where they tacked stuff, marked up the walls, and emotes a general dreariness because it was years ago that it was painted.

We’ve taken down half of the ugly wallpaper in their bathroom. So now, instead of ugly wallpaper, we have just ugly half-papered walls and exposed light sockets. Nice! Just what you want when you get out of the shower.

There is a lot to do and I need to make a plan.

So, I’m doing just that. I’m prioritizing and going to try and do a little every day. First things first though and the drapes need to get finished and back to the client. I should finish these by this time next week and can then begin the second phase of Operation Robertson House. I need to tackle the upstairs bathroom and at least finish getting the wallpaper down. Then the walls need to be sanded and primed. Ditto for Abby’s room since they share a color scheme.

The basement just needs to be culled … and I mean, down to nothing. Or next to nothing. We need a dresser and clean surfaces. At the very least a place for Lucy to put her clothes. Out of sight. With luck, she will help me do the clean up because she loves getting rid of stuff. It’s time. The kids are growing up and we need to get rid of at least three of the five dollhouses. I will donate what is good and useful and chuck the rest.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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