Land of Oz

I’m sitting in the parking lot at the pool using my time wisely. Which just means that I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to sit and write today, but Bennett is inside at swim practice, Lizzie has taken hold of Mary, and I have an uninterrupted thirty minutes to myself. So whatever I can get down in this 30-40 minutes is all you’re gonna get from me today.


So far so good … just have to get the drawers built!

HUGE NEWS: I’ve taken steps toward righting the wrongs of the basement this morning by garnering my courage and going to Ikea.

Wow, that sounds ominous! Please don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea. Its like going in to a little dollhouse made for grownups. Or like Candice said, Legoland for grownups. A place where dreams and imaginings can become a reality with (relatively) very little money and a fabulous penchant for following directions. Fortunately, I’m quite handy and good at putting things together. I can wield a drill, a hammer and an electric screwdriver with ease. Booklets of directions with little smiling snowman people don’t scare me one bit.

My problems lie in the logistics. The how and when. After all, I only have about 3.5 hours to get stuff done and believe it or not, that isn’t a lot of time when one has to drive from the suburbs to the city and back again in time to pick up from lunch bunch. This morning was even more crunched for time as the first hour was spent copying for my two teachers at the elementary school. There was stapling and cutting and hole-punching to do. I love this kind of busy-work. Give me this over running a committee or a swim team any day! I guess that’s why I love putting stuff together so much. Its quiet and its simple, but yet there is such satisfaction when it is done.

I’ve decided that shopping at Ikea, unless you are simply going to browse (and I can’t do that because I quickly become overwhelmed or I buy a bunch of stuff that seems like a good idea, but then you get it home and never really use it), requires some forethought and some research. Their website used to be super weird and clunky, hard to find anything, but I think they’ve improved it. It has allowed me to shop before I shop which really saves all sorts of time. Plus it allows me to stay focused when faced with those cool vignettes of “Living in 250 square feet” are around the next corner of the yellow-brick road thing they have going on in that store. Part of me wants to buy a loft somewhere and see how cool it can be and how long it would take me to go crazy in such a small space. Being the proactive person I am though, I went on the site yesterday looking specifically for something with lots of drawer space (she has lots of clothes), not very tall (because it had to go behind the sofa, so about 30-32″ tops) and dark brown (so that it would blend in and be unobtrusive).

Oh, and not expensive.

Within the first five minutes I’d found it! I texted it to my husband with the words, “I need this for the basement. $149.” He never responded (although he’d clearly read it, thank you read receipt on iPhone) so … I took that as a yes. Before you start to gasp, I even baited him about not answering my texts … “Sorry, I’ve been busy, haven’t had time.” So, whatever. Its done, its bought and its even almost finished being put together. I just need to finish the drawers (SIX drawers – isn’t that awesome?) tonight. I was even able to get a piece of glass for the top and a new lamp to “finish the look.” Forgiveness is truly better than permission.

Now, if I can just get rid of all the toys in there. Sigh. That’s another day.


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