Manic Monday

Ahh, the Manic Monday. There is a reason they wrote a song about this …

I’m sorry I didn’t post on Saturday. It was one of those days, we were going from about 4:45am (yes, on a Saturday) to swim practice at 7am to a will-we-or-won’t-we-go-at-the-last-minute field trip. Our PSR Homeschool group had planned a trip to the monastery as our last meeting and the weather wasn’t cooperating. (For non-Catholics, PSR is like Sunday School, where the kids learn the catechism.) It really didn’t cooperate at all being a full 10 degrees cooler across town in addition to the heavy, heavy mist, but we went anyway and I’m so glad the other mothers in our group pushed me. Our “class” has been great this year, and they were right, if we wouldn’t have gone things just wouldn’t have been finished. Now we can party at Bennett’s First Holy Communion party next weekend like its 1999 … .

So then yesterday was Easter, we had ham and lamb and white wine and I fell asleep.

Now, however, the real world has come crashing down and it is a list kind of day. I think I’ve posted before on this, but a list kind of day is when there are just too many things to get done, your brain keeps reminding you of them, and before you know it, you have to write it all down lest something important (like a kid, or food) get forgotten.

Target (to return the un-chosen Easter options before the end of the credit card statement and buy more laundry detergent)

Old Navy (ditto above, sans laundry detergent)


Grocery shopping

Planning meals before grocery shopping

Kids to school (and pickup for Mary)

Sewing, basement, girls’ bathroom (see earlier post)

and then in the afternoon …

Whirlpool repair man

Ben’s swim practice

Lizzie’s swim practice

Abby and Mollie’s swim practice


Emma’s swim practice

Admittedly, Emma drives herself to practice, but the reason it must go on my list is because of the fact that she needs to eat before she leaves. When Lizzie and I get home at 6:05 and Emma must leave at 6:25, this is tricky. I am clutching close to my heart the nugget of knowledge that there are only a few more weeks of this schedule and then everything changes.

Hold on. Be strong. Stay focused.


This is where I am right now, except for the fact that since I’ve begun writing this post, that annoying BEEP from the smoke detector has started.

Good thing I’m going to Target.







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