The NyQuil Haze

Wow. I don’t really remember much of today.

Even now as I sit here, I’m drugged feeling, my head hurts and my stomach muscles hurt from all the coughing.

I did go to Costco, I remember that. I mean, who can forget that? I spent almost $400 for the swim meet, and about $40 for my family. I’d say that’s a win. I got out of Costco for under $150. It must be a record.

I picked Mary from school, made sure the doors were locked, grabbed the down comforter and passed out on the couch while Mary played Roblox for an hour. Does that make me a bad mom? Well, Candice told me to make sure I rested today, so that’s how I chose to make it happen.

I don’t even care.

Well, that’s where it got messed up. I woke up, snuggled with Mary for a bit, and got up to start dinner (we’re having Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, because I’m sick, remember?), and unlock the door for the elementary kids. I turned the oven on to roast the chicken, the TV on to watch Food Network while I was cooking, made myself some hot water with lemon for my throat. Ben walked in, gave me a hug (which was great because we didn’t have a good morning), and my phone went off.

“Lizzie and Mollie – eye doctor in 2 minutes.”

Kill me now. Seriously.

I’d forgotten. Completely. The worst part was, I’d just made the appointments, like two days ago. I imagine the nurses at the eye doctor are much like the ones at the pediatric dentist. Happy to see us come because we provide comic relief, but even more happy to see us leave. Mary was asleep on the couch, Mollie was still in school, oblivious to her appointment, Lizzie was bewildered. I called the eye doctor to confirm, and yep, sure enough they were supposed to be there THEN. With Mary crying, Ben (because of being in trouble this morning) surprisingly acquiescent, and Lizzie asking me a million questions, we flew into the car and up the hill. Luckily, our doctor is less than a quarter mile. I ran Lizzie in, signed the sheet and ran back out. I’d made the quick call to the Attendance Office at the school and she got Mollie out of class for me. It pays to have tons of kids go through the school sometimes, because she knows me, even when I’m sick and froggy on the phone.

We made it, but the drama didn’t end there …

Lizzie finished her appointment, and Mollie was in the chair, but Ben and Mary, I guess because they’d not seen each other all day, or because the sky was blue, or because they thought they could make my life miserable, decided that chase would be the game of choice. In the doctor’s office. With all the displays of glasses and computers. And all the other patients, parents of perfectly behaved children and then the older patients who don’t want a five-year old playing ninja chase in their face. God was smiling on me though, because Husband was coming home early. So my thought was, have him stop by, grab the wayward monsters and I could sit in relative peace with Mollie while she got her first set of contacts. So that was my plan. And it was going to work great because Ben and Lizzie had piano and needed to get home, Mollie had to get to swim, and my mom was getting her and Abby a snack and pick them up. Abby would have to wait, but that would be okay.

Well, it sort of worked that way.

Husband came and got Ben and Mary, but left Lizzie. This was okay though, because Ben could go first.

Nina came and got the girls’ stuff AND got them a snack (WOW!), which was really awesome, but because of the haze I forgot to tell her that Mollie was with me. So, she left to get Abby and didn’t have Mollie.

In the end it all worked out, but wow, how much do I hate drama? I hate drama. And most of the drama today was caused by me.

Well, it was caused by NyQuil. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



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