Drama, drama, drama …

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate drama.

I’m not talking about the kind you pay to go see, where you sit comfortably in a cushioned chair, in a darkened theater, watching other people’s drama unfold on a stage. That, I like.

I’m talking about the other kind of drama.

Kid drama.

Teacher drama.

School drama.

Weather drama.

People drama.

In fact, to call a spade a spade, manufactured drama of any kind. The kind where people (read: kids, schools, newscasters) create situations in order to … what? Get attention? Exacerbate situations? Make themselves feel important? I honestly don’t even know. I guess I can understand newscasters, their job is to keep you glued to their station so that you will watch the commercials. But still …

The rest of it just drives me nuts. I feel like if everyone just took a big chill pill (yes, an 80’s reference) and let the emotion drain away so that logic could have a chance to take over before anyone opened their mouths to speak, there would be so much less drama. So much less stress. So much more calm and easy breezy.

I am leaving in about one hour for Athens. Today is UGA’s reading day, with exams starting tomorrow and Lucy will be completely finished with her freshman year of college on Friday afternoon at 3pm. It is really hard to believe! I have to go today in order to help her get her rented fridge back and we will pack up most of her room. I will go back to get her for good on Saturday. I am driving east. The same direction as the recent wave of bad weather.

There has been much drama in the weather, some of it with good reason, tornadoes and deaths in Alabama and Mississippi which is horrible, but some of it has been manufactured.

Now, I know weather is an uncertain science. They can only predict so much. In fact, I knew a college student who was studying to be a meteorologist. He told me the most he’s learned so far is that weather is all about the sales pitch. Facebook was full this morning of people commenting on the weather people and all their dire predictions for Georgia. I guess the answer there is wait and see, but be prepared. All I’m saying is, do we need this much drama in our lives? Let’s all just take a step back and calm down. Things always work out.

Don’t even get me started on the drama in the school with CRCT … that is another post altogether.


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One Response to Drama, drama, drama …

  1. Wendy kenny says:

    Thanks for my morning chuckle.
    So true!

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