Sour Cream for Days

2 pans of ooey gooey Sour Cream Noodle Bake before baking

2 pans of ooey gooey Sour Cream Noodle Bake before baking


So, this past weekend is such a blur.

We had family. We had a swim meet. We had a first communion AND the party to go with the first communion. I was drugged out with Sudafed and Robitusson and Erythromicin and … I forget. (I’m much better now, by the way, and thank you to those of you who’ve asked. I’m about 85% there, which is a full 150% better than where I was this time last week.)

Anyway, it was a few weeks back when I was thinking about the food for Ben’s party and what to serve, and I asked him what he wanted.


Uh, steak for fifty people? Err … well, I can’t quite pull that off. So I was sort of at a loss before I went to my old stand by of tacos. Steak is sort of like tacos, right? No? Well, who cares? They’re good and inexpensive, everyone loves tacos and they feed a ton of people.

I was sitting at the ice cream place with my kids and my friend Maureen and her kids and we were discussing the looming weekend and how the swim meet was the same weekend (of course it was) and how was I going to get everything done and Obi-Wan Kenobi (aka Maureen) said, “For Ryan’s first communion party, we had a million things going on too, so I just ordered Moe’s.”


My first thought was I’m not sure husband will go for the cost, but he did and we ordered and they brought and it was easy and good and now I have a million pounds of leftovers. Well, not a *million* but close. We ate leftovers for a few meals, I had to dump the shredded lettuce because it got yucky quickly, and I ended up freezing the rest of it.

All except for the VAT OF SOUR CREAM.

I do not exaggerate. A vat.

Now, there is only so much sour cream one can eat. 1. It is fattening in all amounts except for the 1-2 tsp. you are allowed to eat with Mexican food 2. It goes bad (grows furry mold) fairly quickly, like within two weeks or so (especially this because it didn’t come in a really good sealed container). I didn’t want to throw anything away that I didn’t have to, so I started to think about what I could make with sour cream. Pound cake quickly came to mind, but Lord knows I don’t need pound cake sitting around. Pound cake is what Weight Watchers people call a “red light food” for me. I love it. I flove it, in fact.

I started racking my brain for recipes that I knew called for sour cream. Stroganoff? Chicken with mushrooms? Lasagna? None of these foods really fall into the “low-cal” category, I’ll be honest. Not such a big deal for my swimmers, but a really big deal for me. Then I was watching the Pioneer Woman on television (this is the only TV I get to watch, Food Network), and she made this thing called Sour Cream Noodle Bake, which honestly reminded me a lot of my mother’s lasagna because it has cottage cheese, green onions and really tomato-y meat sauce in it. But it didn’t look very low-cal either. Honestly, nothing the Pioneer Woman makes is low-cal, but I like watching her anyway. The recipe did look very adaptable, however. Because, that’s the other thing, we don’t eat white pasta, we don’t eat a lot of beef (maybe twice a week), but we do eat cheese because of the calcium and who doesn’t love a good squishy, warm, gooey meal every now and then?

So, I made it. I replaced the egg noodles with whole wheat noodles (which are on clearance at my grocery store – Win! I bought a TON of them for the future), I lessened the amount of ground beef (using what my grocery store gives the “Greenwise” label, no antibiotics, humanely grown and processed) and drained it really well, I used low-fat cottage cheese (full of protein, but I can’t eat it on its own, so this is good), and the leftover sour cream. The cheese (Cabot extra sharp) was on sale, even the disposable pans were on BOGO, so I really felt like my pursuit was being blessed by God! I was able to double the recipe and make two pans, of which I will put one in the freezer because Ree says, “it freezes beautifully.”

Well, I’m not sure about that, but I do know it was a quick fix. I’ll let you know how the masses liked it. As for the rest of the sour cream …?

I’ll probably make that pound cake after all. Maybe I’ll go all out and add cream cheese too. Ooh, doesn’t that sound good?




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