The Great Cull

photo 1

THIS IS WHAT I HAVE! (note the hanging thing of stuffed animals, and all the “All About …” posters … its time.)

Photo creds to Candice - THIS IS WHAT I WANT!

Photo creds to Candice – THIS IS WHAT I WANT! (as in ready for someone to take away)









It’s Spring!

Almost Summer!

Wow, almost Summer? I guess not exactly, but it feels like it because there are only two weeks of school left, and to me the end of school designates the beginning of summer regardless of what the Druids and the Weather Channel tell me. Either way, I’m late on my Spring Cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, Lucy moves back home soon. Soon? I meant tomorrow. She and Emma will share the basement for the summer which should work out fine space-wise. Well, it will when I get rid of most everything down there. There are so many toys and plastic houses, kitchens, castles, blocks, train sets, Barbies (both with and without their heads), Little People, Little People Animals, it is an overwhelming job. Thankfully Lucy said she would help.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do, I watch Hoarders. You have to have no emotion,” says the girl who’s bags and bags of birthday cards and freshman move-in papers I just piled into the corner. She also went on to ask if we were going to give away everything.

“Well, maybe not exactly everything, but a good 95% of everything,” I said.

“Aren’t you going to save anything for, you know … your grandchildren?”

“Grandchildren?” (OMG, did she really just say grandchildren? I have thought about this though, I am realistically only 5-6 years from this phenomenon. *cough cough*)

“Well,” she went on to say, “I would hate to think that my kids would be so steeped in the digital age that they would never know what a Barbie doll is.”

Sometimes I’m just stunned by what she says. When did she get so smart? Of course she is of that generation that straddles what you and I know, and what our kids know.

Anyway, so the culling will begin this weekend, she said she would help after all. I’m all about free labor. Maybe next, she can help me tackle my bathroom and closet. Clothes from high school that don’t fit (and lets be honest, will never fit), threadbare towels, expired medicine, pregnancy test sticks (Why in the world am I saving these, anyway? “Oh look, honey! Here’s when I found out about you!” Yeah, never gonna happen … I didn’t even write their names on them anyway).


PS – the recipe yesterday was a WIN. Lasagna taste without any of the lasagna drama. And you know how I feel about drama.



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