Good Mornings

I am posting rather early because I got up to swim this morning and I have every intention … EVERY INTENTION mind you (so don’t call or text me!), to be asleep on the couch, with my cat, under the down throw come 1:15pm. My day began at 4am so by 1pm, I will have already been “working” for 9 hours. I think I deserve a nap because honestly, the second half of my day starts at 2:30 with 6th grade awards, swim practice and piano lessons and the never ending question of what’s for dinner of which at this moment I have no idea. But I’m sure it will be good. I hope it will be good, at least.

Who’s ready for it all to slow down? Raise your hands! Anyone? Anyone?

Who’s ready for sultry, thick summer nights with barely a breeze? Who’s ready for June lightning bugs and afternoon thunderstorms? Who’s ready for corn cooked on the grill served alongside potato salad and watermelon and Bud light? I am! I am! Me! Me!

Actually, that’s a pipe dream. It won’t really slow down, it just changes. Swim practices flip flop to the mornings at two pools, with swim meets happening at the neighborhood pool across the street at night AND entire weekends across town, and doubles for the kids twice a week in the afternoons. Somehow though, it will be better (if only for a short while) because it is different. I get my carpool buddies back (I MISS these women!), and my kids get their carpool buddies back. There will be mornings of wet, barely clothed and tired children meeting up after practice at Stilesboro or Mountain Biscuits in the early sunshine. There will be sunrises of spectacular colors that flood the pool with light, and there will be afternoons of screeching kids at Six Flags, or White Water, or in my basement. Its all good, and it will be nice for something different.

Though most of us say we really don’t like change, secretly, I think we all crave it. Who hasn’t dreamed about moving away to one of those places you see on House Hunters International? Waxed poetic in their minds about “leaving it all behind” and starting some kind of crazy, but fruitful of course, internet based business where you can live anywhere and make money as long as you have a wifi connection? Who hasn’t dreamed of a summer home in Ponte Vedra or Sea Island, somewhere behind a gate that assures privacy and only the quiet rush of the ocean to listen to? Or a lake house in the mountains, complete with timbered ceilings and a spanking, sparkling kitchen straight off of the Houzz app? Or a river in your back yard where you can kayak until your arms fall off under the canopy of fat, fluttering maple leaves that sprinkle in sunlight?

Sigh. Give me a minute while I think about all that stuff … and more.

Hang on, I need another minute.

Yes, we all dream of change, no matter where our ideal, but in reality we go through every day doing almost the same thing. Feeding our children and husbands, driving them places, kissing their scrapes whether on their knees or on their hearts and making sure that they have what they need. Every now and then we get something back, a clean kitchen, laundry folded (however sloppily), or a sleepy good morning hug when they are still warm from their beds.

And that makes it all worth it.


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Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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2 Responses to Good Mornings

  1. aviets says:

    Ahhh….summer. We need that down time so much. I always looked forward to the long, slow days with our kids and dreaded the start of school in August (though they were always excited to go back!).
    -Amy at

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