Spanx and Pull-Ups and All Good Things

IMG_5341So, today and this weekend is a crazy one. And I mean by all normal measurements, where crazy has become the new normal, this is a c . r . a . z . y weekend. I won’t bore you with all the details, but awards, a dance, a swim meet, Boy Scouts (x2), a memorial service, and a skating party plus more add up to Keystone Cops.

I’m on it this morning because we have the 8th grade awards and the dance tonight. Showered, shaved, powdered, dressed, complete with the Spanx and the pull-up bra (Not to be confused with the other kind of pull-ups which, I’ll probably need eventually too but, isn’t that what it REALLY should be called? Just keepin’ it real, folks!), the dress, the sweater and the scent sprayed on so that when I hug people, I don’t smell like chlorine. As I look in the mirror, I see the wrinkles and the grey hair, the unplucked eyebrows and sigh to myself.

I’m getting old.

But at 43, I don’t feel all that old, except when I swim next to the teenagers. THEN I feel old. Its like me walking up and down stairs while they ride an escalator next to me. It’s okay though, I can handle it. I’m secure. I really am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want things to change. Well, not necessarily change in huge amounts, just be tweaked a bit.

Candice and I have done a fair amount of discussing and laughing (more laughing, really) about all this. Candice sent me Organic Coconut oil to put in my hair and on my skin, which I have just begun doing, I’ll let you know how that works in a later post. She’s also done a ton of research about body scrubs and supplements and I’m not sure what else because well, she’s the researcher, I’m just the tester and do what she tells me. We have made a pact to become more than just the mom and the wife. We are on a mission to become the best of ourselves, whatever that means for each of us. My goal is more energy and more happiness brought on by the endorphins of exercise and water, a clean and active mind and clean eating. Candice’s goal is clean eating (she’s a vegetarian, so its even more important), and clean skin, clean body, clean mind. We have our goals and we discuss every day how to reach them.

Not gonna lie, it’s a long process.

Gone are the days of the 2 glasses of Chardonnay, gone are the forgotten sunscreen and no water all day long. I still dress comfortably, and that will never change because it is who I am, but I am trying to wear colors now. Black, white and grey, while on the spectrum, aren’t colors. Not really. This is a paradigm shift for me, so give me time.

Today will be a good day. I get to watch my third child grow up before my eyes, wear 2 pretty dresses, and get awarded for all her hard work. I get to be with my friends as we decorate the school for their dance tonight. I get to watch my other kids achieve their goals in the pool and have fun spending the night with friends (Mary gets to have a spend the night tonight! So excited for her!). There will be some tears of pride, lots of laughter and lunch with some of my kids. I will actually wear makeup and brush my hair (alert the media!).

It’s going to be a day full of good things.



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