Out With the Old …

School is out!!

*Shouts from the rooftops!*

It’s been a great day, breakfast with Emma, lunch with Emma and Lucy, sunshine everywhere. Mary is at a friend’s house all afternoon, Ben and Lizzie have piano, Mollie has a drama party, Abby, Lucy and Emma are gone to swim practice (at different pools, but still). I don’t have dinner planned yet, but I’m on that as soon as I get my ducks in a row.

I was just texting with Candice about some of the kids’ final grades (Emma pulled off an A in AP World – Hallelujah!), and I mentioned how I’d spent most of the day purging clothes and stuff from the kids’ rooms. I’ve gotten all the way through Mollie, and Abby and Emma can do themselves.


Why do we feel the need to do this though at the end of the school year? Is this just me? Am I the only one who needs to clean out and start the summer fresh? I don’t think so, because one of the reasons I felt the need to do this was a friend gave me some of HER kids’ clothes for Lizzie and Mary. So, they sat in a heap in my house for about 10 days, because I knew I didn’t have room to put them in unless I got rid of some of the old.

So, out went everything below a size four for Mary. Yes, I had stuff that was 18mos still. In my defense, Mary wears a size 6 in length but 3 in width, so shorts and stuff, she can still wear. I admit though, the 18-24 month clothes needed to go. Bennett and I got rid of everything under a size 7 for him. Most of what I bagged was winter clothes, and at the rate he’s growing, they wouldn’t fit. I did come across one pair of shorts that were a 3T. Yes well, I must have overlooked those last time.

Lizzie is a little bit harder. Right between kid and teenage styles, with legs that start at her neck like her sisters, I basically wanted her to get rid of stuff she just doesn’t wear. She has more clothes than any of my kids, simply because she’s got the four older sisters and she gets everything. We managed to be discerning though and clear it out. Now her drawers will actually SHUT. Wow.

Mollie has an aversion for all things boot cut, apparently. So I am now the steward of a pile of jeans going to the resale shop. Let’s hope I get enough money back to make up for one pair new.

My upstairs landing is a mess, two huge black bags full of clothes destined for giveaway and two huge clear boxes destined for the attic and the upcoming fall.

I feel purged.

I feel accomplished.

I feel … awesome.



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