Happy Memorial Day!

Cemetery in Marietta

Cemetery in Marietta

As Abby pointed out, there is something weird about that phrase … Happy Memorial Day … err, weekend. Because Memorial Day is actually Monday … but whatever, I hope your weekend is great.

I had the privilege of escorting Bennett this morning to his Cub Scout gathering to place flags on all the graves in the National Cemetery here in Marietta. Husband and I have a deal going where I handle most of the swimming stuff (except when there is more than one meet going on) and he handles the Cub Scout stuff.

I do well when I’ve been informed. I do well when I know what’s going on. I don’t do well when neither of those two things happen.

Husband was out of town, and I got an “Oh, by the way …” text.

Have you ever gotten one of those?

Oh, by the way …

… I’ll be out of town for three days (when your schedule is balancing precariously with no more than a 5 minute window in either direction).


… I’ve scheduled a meeting for after work (after you’ve made dinner).

or (as in this case),

… Bennett has a Cub Scout thing where they are putting flags on the graves for Memorial Day. It would be great if he could go, but I understand if you can’t make it happen. (This came Friday.)

IMG_3909I liken my family to an aircraft carrier. It’s hard to turn an aircraft carrier on a dime. But, we worked it out with morning practice and Bennett and me having to be in downtown Marietta by 8am. Lizzie, Mollie and Abby got dropped off at the pool at 7:30, and Ben and I made it with plenty of time. We arrived, met with his troop (whom I didn’t really even know because Husband does all the meetings), listened to the speeches and the scholarship award, the 3 shot salute with period guns (that was cool … and LOUD!), and Bennett got to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers. IMG_3910

Afterward, we made it back up to the pool to get the sisters who were just finishing up, and then went back to Kennesaw Mountain, site of Civil War battles with Sherman himself, to eat a breakfast of grits and biscuits and made it home just in time for Lizzie to go off for a spa day with her friend! Whew!

All in all, a great morning, I’d say.



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