Girls Raised in the South

Wow, its an early morning, but still relatively warm, thick and humid.

Somehow, it seems earlier because the kids didn’t actually get to sleep last night until around midnight. We had our first summer league meet, which worked out great for us because we won, but went late into the evening because both teams are really big. 4:30am rolls around pretty quickly, especially when you are 12 and 14 … and 43. This is exceptional training though for prelim/final meets. Swim in the early am, again in the evening and again the next morning. This coming weekend’s meet will be just like that and learning how to swim tired is a good thing. This is what I tell them, at least. Oh, how they grumble … honestly though, this morning they were too tired to grumble, they just grunted yes and no.

As always, feeding these kids becomes the biggest priority. Not just quality, which I’m always concerned about, but quantity. They seem to do a fair amount of growing in the summertime, so making sure they actually get enough calories is really important.

Yesterday, Mollie swam in the morning for 2 hours, swam and did dryland in the afternoon for two hours and got dropped off at the meet where she was expected to perform at her highest for her team. She did great, winning all her individual events by inches. It was very close because the girl on the other team she raced against is someone who is moving in her group in the year round club. They are friends and teammates and it was nail biting on the 100free and 100IM. That’s what makes summer league fun though, watching the sheer determination break through. Hearing the screams and shouting and the jumping and the noise. It gets crazy.

I had made the kids grilled chicken fajitas with avocado, rice and roasted onions, mushrooms and peppers. Whole wheat or white tortillas were there to wrap it all up and keep it neat because we ate standing up from the cooler. Simple food, but all the elements were there. Mollie devoured a whole wrap and literally within an hour was back. She had to supplement her dinner with Chick-fil-A nuggets from the concession stand and was still hungry.

This morning though, I made them grits and eggs. Thank you, God for making me a Southern Girl and giving us grits.

Warm, creamy, gooey grits mixed with colby-jack cheese and (for Mollie) a drippy, sexy fried egg. Abby prefers scrambled, which is good because then I can sneak in two. I make my scrambled eggs like my dad taught me, low and slow and scrambled at the last minute. At least I know their tummies are full before their 2 hour practice this morning. I think I will make them a mac and cheese for lunch and then let them sleep …


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