It’s Just Geography

I am writing this on my phone. So please pardon any weird formatting things, and the fact that this will be short and sweet. Hey, it’s hard to type on a phone!

I’m in the hotel room, the blackout shades pulled across the gaping window, shutting out the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. They don’t completely shut out the thump thump of radios and such, though, but it is the city. My selkie-swimmer, complete with her slick, still-wet hair sleeps not three feet away from me after a morning of 200 free, 100 breast and 400 IM. She did okay, not awesome, but well enough to get back tonight for finals. So, in the end, coming here to the hotel was a good decision. I feel better knowing she’s resting, not to mention I’d much rather be in this comfortable room instead of out on the Atlanta Perimeter fighting traffic.

It’s funny though, how the mom things continue no matter where we are. Even when we go on vacation, there is still the laundry, still the cooking and purchasing of food, still the unloading of groceries. Today, I packed the food, packed the car, went to the meet, took her to eat pasta, unpacked the car, unpacked the food, and washed and dried the towels.

Just like at home!

But it’s okay, because my main concern is that she eat enough and sleep enough so that she’s on her game. I’m trying to give her every opportunity I can so that she can make her goals. Providing the venue, the food, the resources … the rest though is completely up to her.

She’s going to have to make it happen.

It’s good though, because when and if she does make it happen, it’s all hers to own. To be proud of.

If she doesn’t? Well … That’s hers to own also, right? To decipher and unravel. To analyze and pinpoint the weaknesses in her plan. It’s how she grows and learns. And it’s not a bad thing for her to occasionally understand what sacrifices are being made on her behalf. Keeps everyone honest and on the same page so that entitlement doesn’t creep in to the equation.

I told her this morning, “I know your shoulder still hurts, but just so you know … We’re dropping the money on the hotel room because of finals, so … No pressure, but, you need to make finals.”

She just rolled her eyes.

But hey, I have to tell her, right? Because it’s my job no matter where we are.


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Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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