IMG_2777It’s my favorite kind of morning.

I slept in. 5:15. My backup alarm came and went at 4:38 and I ignored it. As crazy as that sounds, that’s an hour past my regular wake-up time. I can’t help it, I guess. Years of waking up to send emails about the team, organize stuff and then go swim has it ingrained into my system. But honestly, everyone has “their time.” The time that they use the quiet around them to process or de-process, whether it be into the wee hours of the night like my mom and my friend Cindy (who exercises at 11pm – exercises!) or me who likes the time when most of the world is still asleep. I need it because  my 7 year old son is a chatty Kathy at 6am. He’s had a whole 8 hours to dream and dissect things in his mind. Then he wants to talk.

It’s my time.

Abby and Mollie are gone to practice, Lucy and Emma have gone to the Y before work, husband has gone to Eucharistic Adoration. Lizzie, Bennett and Mary are sleeping. The sky is in that grey/dark blue stage where the birds are awake, but the houses still loll and slumber, promising activity soon … just not quite yet. It’s a lovely, hushed, time of day where people whisper, even in their thoughts.

Today is relatively easy. Practices for the USA swimmers are over by 8:15, practices for the summer swimmers are over by 10:30. Mollie has plans that might get interrupted by the weather, but we will remain optimistic. As for me, I’m harboring fantasies of a few hours at Barnes and Noble to get Lizzie and Bennett and Mary some new books. And I am promising myself to work on the girls’ bathroom today, which up to this point has been an epic fail for me.

Tomorrow, I have to drive to Suwanee, GA to the REI to get the footprint for our new tent, so I expect an adventure. Suwanee is about as far as I can drive and still be considered the “Atlanta Metro Area.” Can you say urban sprawl? But maybe I can turn it in to something fun for me and whoever is with me. I wonder if the Mall of Georgia has a carousel?

I am hopeful about today and the weekend. Maybe it is because I don’t have two swim meets staring me in the face. Maybe it is because I feel like we are over the hump of difficult weekends for a little bit. Maybe its because I’m really, really looking forward to taking my family to Chapel Hill at the end of the month so that Emma can visit UNC and Duke. (That will be a whole post, maybe two or three, so … something to look forward to.)

Maybe it is just because right now, the glow of the skies promises a good day.


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