The Sodapalooza

I am cheap by nature.

Ask my friend Cicily what happened when I was sent to buy Duracell batteries for the drama club to be used in the wireless mikes, and came home with Kirkland batteries. I got in trouble, ha ha, but I maintain I saved the drama club at least $3.00!!

I also do not drink soda very often. I don’t let the kids drink soda either. It is a treat when we go out to dinner, but only if we are feeling “rich” or celebratory. Just do the math … 7 sodas X $2 each (sometimes its more than that!) = $14 in just drinks! Now, if that were $14 in beer or wine, that’s different, but soda? Too much money!!

Anyway, I’ve told you all about the different summer schedule. There are things about it that I love and that I enjoy doing. In fact, I would much rather take the swim carpool for biscuits after practice once a week than buy them sodas at dinner. The cost is about the same. I also have the afternoon carpool home from Rookie practice and the older kids’ doubles. Lizzie and Bennett love to go to the French Bakery, but even that is about $5 a trip. That adds up week after week, but for me, it makes the summer special. It gives them memories of swimming with Coach Kim at the aquatic center and it rewards them for continuing on, sometimes swimming two practices when most of their friends don’t do anything.

We have this gas station here in Atlanta that is running a summer special. The Sodapalooza. Buy a special cup for $7.99 and you get free soda all summer long. I love free stuff. When husband and I were first married, we would go to this place in Vinings where you could sit at the bar, have a drink and eat free appetizers all night. Like, chicken wings and nachos and potato skins and shrimp and chicken fingers. Real, serious food. Free. Well, for the cost of a glass of wine, free. But hey, it was free. Sort of.

Anyway, like I said, as a rule, I don’t drink soda. I love the “burn” of soda, but I didn’t want the addiction so I became addicted to sparkling water instead. This deal however proved to be something my cheap nature just couldn’t resist. So I bought a cup.

For $8.

EIGHT DOLLARS! What was I thinking? Do you know how much soda I will have to drink to make this a good deal? The promotion ends July 31, so that is what, 8 weeks? Even at one Coke a week, that’s still $1 a Coke … not worth it. Three Cokes a week makes them $.33 each … still not worth it in my opinion. 5 Cokes a week? $.20 each … maybe. But even better would be like, 10 Cokes a week.

Now we are entering the addiction stage.

And that is a place I do not want to be. So, I’ve decided to share my cup. Lucy, Emma and anyone else can use it. I will actually encourage soda consumption for the summer.

Oh my goodness … I’ve gone off the deep end. Me? Soda? It goes against everything I stand for!

And all to save pennies.

But hey, they also have a frozen yogurt bar at this gas station with sample cups. So you go in to get your free soda, get two small samples of frozen yogurt and voila! Treat accomplished!

Scary how my brain works, but hey, its summer and a few of them swim 4 hours a day some days (and that is literally).

They can handle it.



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