Bottling the Laughter

Post #100!

Wow, I can’t believe it. I wish I had something brilliant to say for my 100th post beyond how our camping trip this weekend has really begun to take on a life of its own. Tents, sleeping bags, Off bug spray, and lanterns are all stacked up on my dining room table. I’ve gotten batteries, marshmallows and chocolate covered cookies for s’mores, and new metal cooking stick things. I have a big tub to wash dishes in. I have the menu planned, and will begin the packing and organizing of that tomorrow.

I am excited for it, because it will be different and in its own way cool, but I am also holding on to a healthy dose of apprehension. After all, I witnessed my family playing a game of Harry Potter UNO a few hours ago. Bennett was in tears, Mary got mad, Abby yelled at them both and then finally quit.

Are we really going to be able to survive this without killing each other? What if it turns into a big weekend-long argument?

Husband and I practiced putting the tents up and taking them down, watching YouTube videos just to make sure we got it right. I’m nervous about the heat, and so Maureen is lending me her fan. Lucy wanted a cot like mine, so Julie lent us hers. I think I have everything thought out, but honestly? Taking 9 people camping is turning into a mammoth exercise in patience and thought. And I expect I haven’t even begun to tap into my backup store of patience yet. Let’s hope that I have some in reserve when we get there Friday afternoon, and that it is still around come Saturday at 4:30.

All I want is to give the kids some memories … good ones, preferably, and have some laughs. I want them to put their phones down, turn off the SIMS game, shut down the TV and iPad and play some Monopoly and Spot It and Headbandz. I want them to eat s’mores until they can’t eat any more, and sit around a campfire and tell stories or play Name that Celebrity. We will do the hiking thing and the putt-putt thing and will surely shriek about the showers and toilets (another big part of my apprehensions), but overall, I want us to have fun and spend time together.

As I type this, I hear them downstairs as they are playing another game. The giggles and guffaws are infectious and I feel myself wanting to laugh despite not having any idea what has them in such stitches. I hope the weekend is full of silliness, even though I know the bugs will be around and it will be warm. Hopefully, it won’t rain. It will be Father’s Day and this was the only thing husband wanted to do. Let’s hope we all come home in one piece and tick-free.

I wish I could bottle the cackling and chortling I hear now in Mason jars to release over the weekend in small doses, right when we need it most, because I’m pretty sure there will be some times that we will need to laugh.


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