Brats, Brats and more Brats

One week from today, I will be sitting in the Aquatic center watching someone with my last name swim. A 50? A 100? A 400? Depends on which kid. Mollie, Lizzie and Bennett are all swimming. Abby will swim in the morning, and hopefully again in the evening at finals.

The big, three day, prelim/final meet starts Friday morning with 7am warmups. Of course, we won’t be there until Saturday morning, because we have Emma’s North Carolina visit this week, but since I help with hospitality, things are being done now to prepare. Desserts, salad plans and restaurant choices for the dinners are all being discussed and weighed. I’m meeting my friend Cindy tomorrow so I can help her map it out. I’m abandoning her the week before the meet, so the least I can do is help her write it all out!

This morning, while the girls were at swim practice, Lucy and I sailed through Costco as quickly as possible. Brats, pork butts, boxes of granola bars, liters of Coke and Diet Coke, pita chips … crap, I forgot potato chips … all made their way into the oversized Costco buggy. Lucy pushed the buggy that held the purchases for us, and although it was way less full, it still contained brats. I figured if I was going to spend the entire afternoon boiling bratwurst in beer to freeze for the meet next weekend, I may as well get our dinner done at the same time.

Success! We pushed and were swift of foot and were in and out of Costco within 20 minutes. Annd … well, as usual, I screwed up. In addition to forgetting the potato chips, which I literally JUST realized and so will have to go back to Costco in the morning, when I started cooking the brats the foolproof math I’d done in my head while standing in front of the open refrigerator case just didn’t add up. In my defense, we were in a hurry, and I’d just swam an hour and was tired. Still though, I cannot figure out how I thought that three boxes of 14 brats were in any way close to the number 70.

As in 70 people next weekend for this meal alone.

Three meals a day for three days times anywhere between 50 and 70 people for each meal.

Even with the 65 Nathan’s hot dogs I bought, it was never going to be enough.

So, I quickly got on my phone to check the grocery store apps to see who had brats on sale. Voila! Kroger. $3.99/lb. Not bad at all! So I turned off the vat of beer bubbling away on my stove, told the kids I’d be back, jumped in the truck and hightailed it to the store. While there, I found gorgeous red, yellow and orange peppers, crunchy grapes, and organic carrots also on sale. Since we are having brats tonight too and need the condiments, why not? It was a win.

Now, my kitchen is clean. I am clean, I no longer smell like greasy beer, and I am looking forward to using our scraped and repaired grill tonight. The 57 other brats? They are boiled, cooled and in freezer bags destined for the meet next weekend.



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