The Power Salad

IMG_4102Tonight is our last summer league meet.

I’m not even going to lie … I am excited, well … relieved is probably a better word. It has been an exceptionally busy June, what with two teams, a meet every Monday, two and three day prelim/final meets, a household divided so that it can conquer. As always, feeding the swimmers takes top priority. We’ve had various dinners at the meets over the past month, they usually involve some sort of whole wheat or whole grain pasta, lean chicken, vegetables and fruit. Tonight however, because we are leaving for Heels for Success in Chapel Hill in the morning, I am trying to clean out the fridge and not really buy anything new.

Of course, I did have to make a run to the grocery store to get bottled water and a bag of ice for the meet (I can’t even tell you how much ice we go through!), and because the milk was on sale, I looked for the furthest away date (July 8) and bought two gallons. I got yogurt, coffee creamer and deli chicken for dinner. The rest of their meal will come from the fridge.

When I told Lucy I was getting chicken for dinner, and we discussed what her options were, she requested The Power Salad.

Basically, the Power Salad is something I came up with after reading an article in Real Simple Magazine. I started making it for Abby and Mollie after school as one of their regular rotations of food. I would pick them up every day after school at 4:20, have a meal ready for them that they would eat on the way to practice. They would get to the pool by 4:30 or so, finish eating and then go in to change and be in the water by 5:15. It was vital that the food they ate after school was 1. healthy 2. filling 3. full of ready carbs and sustaining carbs because they would swim for two hours, and then do dry land for another hour after that, not getting home until 8:30. At that point they would eat dinner. On Wednesdays, their days would begin with 4:45am practice, go home, go to school, and then afternoon practice as well. Making sure they had enough in their bodies to get them through practice and keep them growing and healthy at a regular rate became a full-time job.

The power salad is exactly what it sounds like. Begin with dark, leafy greens, mixing in kale and spinach, and then add any and all super foods you can get your hands on. Cranberries, lean chicken, almonds, walnuts, hard boiled egg, edamame, artichokes, hearts of palm, tomatoes, every veggie imaginable. Anything and everything that you like, all chopped small.

Lucy has requested hard boiled egg, edamame, broccoli slaw and dried cranberries over a bed of spinach and field greens tossed lightly with vinaigrette.

I think I’ll even make homemade croutons.



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