Random Breakfast

The breakfast table discussion …

Emma: (as she researches the scariest haunted houses in our local area she can find) “Wait a minute, this says Halloween is on Thursday!” (referring to Netherworld’s un-updated website)

Lizzie: “I need a rainbow wig and camo clothes.”

Emma: “I thought you said you needed a bloody apron?”

Lizzie: (with an uneasy glance at me) “Not anymore.”

Me: shakes head

Lizzie: “I said not anymore …” (as if this excuses her first thought) “Besides, now I need a black microphone and blue Pegasus wings.” (she says with a faraway grin) “We have a plan.” (barely able to control her smile)

Me: “Emma, Netherworld is the one I said I didn’t want you to go to because of how far it is.” (me thinking of her navigating I-75, I-285 and I-85 on a Friday night *shudder*)

Emma: “Well, where is Newnan?”

Me: “Too far.”

Emma: “How about Rome?”

Me: “Maybe.”

Emma: “Where is Jasper?”

Mary: “I’m going to be a Power Ranger”

Emma: “How about The Genie?”

Mary: “No!”

Dad pipes in: “Just south of Ellijay.”

Me: “Maybe.”

Ben: “I want to be that astronaut guy unless I decide that maybe I want to be someone else.”

Lizzie: “Mom, did you make me a hotdog?”

Welcome to my world.


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Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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