Saving the World … One Carpool at a Time

UnknownI know its sort of crazy. Every time you log on here there seems to be a different banner, theme, etc. In truth, I am experimenting and thinking about a new website. I will, of course, let you know if and when that happens. I’m excited about the possibility though, and Candice and I have been jotting down all sorts of things. 

Know what else I’ve been jotting down? 

Our swim schedule. It starts today and the mind boggling logistics have been exactly that … mind boggling

So, we’re on a new team. We have retained most of our old friends from the old team. These are all very good things as it eases the transition. The only downside is that our new team is about twice as far away as our old team, and our old friends who were once just right around the corner from the old pool, are now in another direction. Actually, that’s not true, they are (more or less) on the way to the new pool. Sort of.  

WE are in the other direction from THEM. 

WE are the outliers.

So I am in the position of making others’ lives a mess because of where we live. For this reason, we have set up drop off/pick up points. We did this all summer with our carpool and it worked out great. Great except for when I had to make other people meet me, it always felt like I was defeating the purpose of the carpool. I feel guilty about that. 

This time though, I am the person driving to the drop off point and I cannot tell you how awesome it is. One, because I don’t think it puts them out too much (thus relieving the guilt I feel) and two, it is at least a third of the distance to the pool. Perfect. 

We had a group text going this morning. Do they give Pulitzer Prizes for scheduling? I have a friend who went to GA Tech. For his Senior Project, he and another girl reworked one of our local counties school bussing system, making it more efficient and thus potentially saving the county billions of dollars. I think he even won some sort of award for it. 

THAT’S how you save the world, my friend. Make things efficient and helpful … for everyone. He is my hero. Now, if he would do it for our county too maybe Mollie’s science teacher could afford her own colored pencils for the class. 

Between me and the three carpool groups I am in on, there are seven mothers and twelve children. Think of three big circles that represent the different groups. Where they all intersect is me and my four kids that are going to and coming home from practice all within 1.5 hours of each other in succession and all in different swim groups. Thanks to these ladies and our uncanny ability to solve problems, I only have to drive to and from the pool twice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and have Husband or Emma hit the pick up spot twice. That may seem crazy, but for me, its awesome because it could have very well been five times back and forth without these amazing people willing to help and make life easy for everyone. 



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