Homemade Cheesesteaks

Mary with her cheesesteak.

Mary with her cheesesteak.

So, last night I was out with fellow swim moms and swim kids at a restaurant about 20 minutes away. We had a blast, laughing, catching up and just sitting down together to share a meal which is a rare occurrence. My friend Maureen and I each got the chicken quesadilla which was surprisingly good. I’m not sure why it was such a surprise, but … it was. Turns out Mollie, who was sitting at another table with her friends, got the chicken quesadilla also. My friend Michelle and Abby were both of like minds and each got the French Dip sandwich. When quizzed about the taste and quality, Michelle, who is a “restaurant connoisseur” said, “Well, it looked better than it was, but it was okay.”

She is always this nice. I want to be her. I’m serious. She makes me want to be a better person.

Abby, when I found out she’d ordered the same thing said, “I didn’t like it. The bread was hard and the meat didn’t have much taste. The french fries though, were amazing.”

(Abby wasn’t as nice.)

Michelle and I sat there and discussed the art of the French Dip sandwich and I told her how I make something similar, but it really ends up being more like a cheese steak rather than a traditional French Dip. My “steak sandwiches” (I’ll call it this to split the difference) has become a huge hit in our house.

I usually make it one of two ways:

1. I buy Boars Head top round roast beef at the deli. When I get it home, I stack it, roll it, and slice it extremely thin. Slice onions, peppers and mushrooms extremely thin as well, add into the cast iron skillet with a little olive oil and butter and sauté down until soft. Take the vegetables out and keep warm. Add the beef into the skillet with a little more butter/olive oil, some extra salt and pepper (beef needs lots of salt in my opinion), and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. When hot, add the vegetables back into the skillet, toss together, scoop into warmed deli rolls (it is important to warm them), or as I’ve found works awesome, deli-made hot dog buns, with cheese of your choice.

Ooey. Gooey. Goodness.

2. This method is similar except that I start with a regular London Broil or similarly sized steak from the butcher. (It usually takes about 1.75 – 2 lbs. of meat to feed my brood.) I put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes, just until it starts to get firm, then take it out and using a serrated knife on an angle, slice extremely thin slices. Once the whole steak has been sliced, proceed as above.

Michelle told me her method is a chuck roast in the crock pot with a Lipton Onion Soup packet. (This makes a delicious pot roast too, Lizzie’s hands down favorite meal.) This way, her meat cooks itself – very desirable in my opinion. I told her I’d seen where the Pioneer Woman did something very similar to this, but added in an entire jar of pepperoncinis. I may try it this way next time, just to see.

Whichever way you do it, add in a salad or some fries on the side and you have an amazing and quick meal. Perfect amount of protein for those athletes!

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