Green and Organized

IMG_3568So, today we are revisiting the green notebook. 

Remember that? Check it out here

I was on the phone with Candice yesterday, we were both in the car driving (of course) and she was telling me how her “green notebook” has saved her schedule more than once. Yesterday, her notebook allowed her to see the gaps in her schedule to fill with her mom’s needs. What a lifesaver! Candice’s situation although unique to her, taking care of her mother with Alzheimer’s, her four children, a brand new house, isn’t that much different from any of us.  We all take care of way more than just ourselves and any way that I’ve found that can help to ease that stress, I share. 

The green notebook is just that sort of thing. 

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Write it down

When you write things down, they feel solid, secure, doable. This morning, I woke up very early to Emma leaving the house to go swim, she texted both Husband and myself, which immediately had me from zero to sixty in .003 seconds. Nothing like a phone call or a text in the wee hours of the morning to scare the crap out of you. Yesterday, it was Lucy calling from UGA at 6:18. Sure enough, she was sick. 

I digress. 

(Emma was fine by the way.)

So, I was awake, checking my phone and I noticed another text from a friend asking me if I’d been able to sign up for this workshop thing we had planned to do together for the upcoming Bookfair. Uh … no. I’d completely forgotten. No excuse, because my crazy new schedule although not settled into a full-out routine yet, isn’t an excuse. 

I’ve got to get it together. People are depending on me and my worst fear is that I will let someone down. I have my green notebook which I’ve been using on and off, mainly for groceries and menu planning, but I will take it to the workshop with me this morning to write everything down. 

Bookfair. UGA Choral Day chaperone. Hospitality for our new swim team. Honor Chorus chaperone for the 5th grade chorus. 

Oh, and camping. That’s next week. 


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Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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