Soup Saves the Day

IMG_4648This was Candice’s text to me … as though she was reading my mind. Scary.

It’s been one of those mornings. The kind where you thought you had everything planned out. Emma had a pulmonology checkup, Mollie had Allstate rehearsal, Abby had a Pre-Ap Human test. All was well … Dad was taking Mollie to school for me, Emma and I had a plan to leave at 7:45.

Then it all started to disintegrate.

Emma woke up late because she’d been to the fair the night before. So, when she went to the Y to swim, it was an hour later than usual, which put her getting home at 7:35. Abby was freaking out because even though the doctor appointment for Emma was on the calendar, she never considered that it would affect her getting to school (this is what they try to teach them in AP classes … A + B = C … C, being that Abby’s ride wasn’t going to school, Abby’s ride was going to the doctor, sigh … what can you do?). So, Abby decided to catch the ride with Mollie and Husband, freaking out that she was now going to be late. Meanwhile, Emma really was late, and the hour and fifteen minutes that I’d planned to use getting down to the perimeter, was whittled into one hour and five minutes. Actual time getting there, given that we live in the fabulous city of Atlanta where the Butterfly Effect can shut down the entire roadway system in the blink of an eye? An hour and a half. 25 minutes late.

But … we made it and thankfully, the doctor was late as well. I’m assuming that Abby and Mollie made it to school and Husband made it to work, because Abby texted me about her test, and I haven’t gotten a phone call from the police or anything. Win.

We get home and I have an hour and a half before I have to be at my Bookfair meeting, so I start thinking about dinner. Which makes me think about the schedule. Which makes me remember that I am scheduled to spend the better part of three hours going to or coming from the pool or the school or the meeting place of the pool carpool.

Which makes me panic about dinner.

Thursdays, as you know are our usual soup and sandwich night. This Thursday however, I have the privilege of chaperoning the high school elite choir to UGA for the entire day and listen to choral music (I am extremely excited!) all day, and so I bought a Boston Butt (on sale, of course) to put in the crock pot early that morning and let Husband and kids do what they want with it. That left Tuesday open for soup night! Hallelujah!

I have a board on Pinterest that is named Soup (come follow me on Pinterest!), so I pulled out my phone, scrolled through the offerings and decided on Trisha Yearwood’s Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup. Normally, I am not a huge fan of her cooking, but this looked good and got good reviews. Of course I changed it a little (because this is what I do) by adding carrots and celery, heavy cream and pinto beans (not a huge fan of kidney beans), but the end result is quite similar.

Soup saves the day again.


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