The Scary Road

images-1Its dark.

Its terrifying.

And frankly? Its creepy.

You don’t trust it, knowing for sure there is something horrible waiting there, just around that corner you can’t see. You stare off, down through the small opening with the eerily menacing crooked and faded sign that has that hand pointing picture.

“This way.”

You can almost hear the evil laughter in the trees as you stand on the comfortable, wide, brightly lit, groomed … easy … path you’ve been on staring at the beckoning, unrelenting, pointing finger. There is a wind at your back, breezing and whispering past your ears.

“Come on, you can do it,” it murmurs, tickling your ear and causing goosebumps and making you stretch your neck and look around you for the source. There isn’t even any sunlight filtering through down that path that you can see. Just a winding, twisting, disappearing-into-nothingness path that you are expected to walk down.

imagesBy yourself.

Except that, you aren’t really by yourself because you know the people that love you will support you 100%. But still, it feels like you are by yourself because after all, you are the one who will have to do the work. You are the one who will have to spend your days practicing, studying, driving there, whatever it takes. You are the one who will have to answer the tough questions.

Am I good enough? Will people laugh at me? How can I possibly make this happen? Will I be rejected?

Since August and all the upheaval in our small, albeit boisterous and insanely hustling lives, there are many things that have changed. We’ve had a new schedule to adapt to. We’ve had a new team to adapt to. New people to meet. New personalities to dig in to and discover a happiness through. New understandings about ourselves and our abilities to adapt. The old ways have been put aside, not necessarily to be forgotten about, but just so that we can be open to the new opportunities that we have been blessed with.

These new opportunities … they can be scary. Terrifying, in fact. We are being asked to set down the suitcases of the past, suitcases that include both good and bad, happy and sad, thoughts and ideals that represented us for the last 10 years and leave them on the side of that bright, paved and groomed safe path we’ve been walking. We are only allowed one bag on this new flight, and it must fit under the seat in front of us.

So, rifling through the three, four, ten bags of old, we can bring only the bare minimum, and therefore only the most important things with us.

Humor. Patience. Understanding.

And above all that? A willingness to learn, to grow and to change and to love, knowing it is what should be done.

It is a scary, scary road.


About krob3

Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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