Stevia in my Greek Yogurt

Am I the only one who puts Stevia in her Greek yogurt?

I hope not, because for some inexplicable reason, it makes me feel guilty.

Now, I know that sounds ridiculous, and I don’t mean that literally. I don’t always do it and honestly? I don’t really care, but sometimes we need things to be just a little more palatable. What I mean by it makes me feel guilty is that I know yogurt is good for me, I know the Greek kind is the better, healthier choice, yet I am weak enough (smart enough?) to realize that I can’t choke it down on its own.

It’s too bitter, too sour … too much sometimes.

That’s my metaphor for today.

A day filled with stuff that could easily be too much. I know we all go through this. Monday’s in general and this Monday especially, as we have to slough off the decadence of the last lazy weekend there is until President’s Day, or Saint Patrick’s Day … or Spring Break.

And this weekend was especially decadent. Swim practice for all the kids Saturday morning consisted of me going on a 2 mile walk, reading my book,  and coming home knowing what was for dinner because my mom, brother and his family were coming over. (There is an inordinate amount of peace in knowing exactly what’s for dinner.) Added loveliness and harmony came in the form of Lucy being home for the weekend so that she and her sisters could go spend $25 each to get the you-know-what scared out of them at Netherworld. I was more nervous about them driving there (across town), all my eggs in one basket and all that, than I was about them seeing scary stuff. Sunday was spent after church with me going from the bed to the couch reading my book, watching The Little Vampire with the kids, to driving girls to the mall and to Life Teen. Easy.

Today, however presents an entire week … an entire forthcoming chunk of the calendar of stresses and schedules and appointments and deadlines and hurdles to leap. Music to learn and music to teach. Shaky branches to tiptoe out on, hoping the tree is sturdy enough. Food to make and give away. But … as an optimist, I am starting this marathon the best way I know how.


Pumpkin candle.

My paper, handwritten list of things to get done.

And stevia in my Greek yogurt, because it makes everything sweeter and easier to eat what’s good for me.


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Wife, mom, swim taxi, singer, writer. This is what I do.
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2 Responses to Stevia in my Greek Yogurt

  1. bec2point0 says:

    I put strawberry jam in my greek yogurt for the very same reason 🙂

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