Laughing in Red and Green

Admittedly, I have been absent from my blog. Swimming and Halloween and swimming and Thanksgiving and swimming and Christmas parties (we collected THREE shopping carts of toys to donate – thank you everyone who participated!) and swimming and oh, right … swimming have confiscated my life, Dahling (ten points if you can name the reference). But finally I have twenty minutes (in succession) to sit and wish you all the Merriest and the Happiest of Christmases or Hanukkah’s or whatever it is that you celebrate at this time of year … and if you celebrate nothing because you believe nothing, well then, it’s your loss … I’m sorry for that.

My family is finally all under one roof. Thanks to Lucy’s, “Yay! I got a job!” and “Ugh, I have a job!” she has literally only been home from school for under an hour. She had finals up until the very last day and then had to stay to work through the weekend. Christmas Eve mass is in two days and she will (hopefully) get to spend New Year’s Eve and day with us. I say hopefully because we don’t have her work schedule yet.

Welcome to the work world, Lucy.

She wasn’t home fifteen minutes before she and Mary and Ben were watching videos on the computer. Discussions of old of Sponge Bob, Drake and Josh and The Suite Life have been replaced with hilarious giggles at Pewdiedie, Cutie Pie, danisnotonfire, Amazing Phil, Pentatonix, the Vlog Brothers and other names that baffle me even as they make me smile. Mary knows them all, Ben knows them all.

Who am I kidding? They all know them all.

YouTube Rewind 2014 had them in stitches as they watched people pour water on each other.

How did this happen? When did they leave me behind so thoroughly? … And effectively, I might add, as I am guaranteed to never catch up at this point (although I do admit to watching the Green brothers at times), but that’s okay because I don’t really need to.

All I need, is their presence, their laughter and their smiles.


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4 Responses to Laughing in Red and Green

  1. directorb says:

    Best wishes to you and your family this Christmas.

  2. Wendy Kenny says:

    Merry Christmas dear friend! Enjoy all your family.

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