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(This was written for my summer league team and will be posted on our website, Years ago during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games there was a commercial. I think it was for laundry soap or something (I will look … Continue reading

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The Care and Keeping … of Me

Emma and I have been prom dress shopping over the last two weekends and our last two (unexpected and unnecessary) snow-no-snow, ice-no-ice days. Over the course of our excursions, we have purchased six, yes … six prom-appropriate dresses, with the … Continue reading

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Laughing in Red and Green

Admittedly, I have been absent from my blog. Swimming and Halloween and swimming and Thanksgiving and swimming and Christmas parties (we collected THREE shopping carts of toys to donate – thank you everyone who participated!) and swimming and oh, right … Continue reading

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A Week of Meals

Wow. It’s been an age, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for that. I’ve got only one (compound) word for you to explain myself. Bookfair. I am co-chair, one of three, of the book fair at our elementary school. Weeks of planning decorations, … Continue reading

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Happy Chili

Today is Abby’s birthday. Today is Candice’s birthday as well (wave, Candice). Last I heard she is getting to go to Medieval Times for her dinner … jousting … horses … food … oh my. So, if I lived near … Continue reading

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Quick and Different

Quick and easy. That’s what dinner is about these days for me. For example, I usually go shopping on Monday morning, this past Monday however I was stuck at home for the four-hour window waiting on the Whirlpool repair man … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Marketing Victim

I love fall. Most people love fall. I remember this funny scene from You’ve Got Mail where Tom Hanks writes to Meg Ryan about the joys of fall in New York. The leaves. The air. The brisk-ness. A bouquet of … Continue reading

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