The Art of Simple Food
by Alice Waters

My lovely friend Candice gave me this book for my birthday and it is as much a guide as it is a cookbook. I highly recommend it, makes everything seem so much simpler. Hence the title, I guess.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
by Barbara Kingsolver

This book tells the story of a family who took a year and ate nothing that wasn’t grown or produced from within their own neighborhood. It is partly a memoir, partly a “journalistic investigation.” Takes the 100 Mile Diet to new heights. Not necessarily possible for all of us, but full of thought-provoking ideas and life-changing challenges.

In Defense of Food
by Michael Pollan

I haven’t yet read this, but this book helps to break down the confusion around food these days by striving for simplicity. “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Anything by Ina Garten

Anything by Giada DeLaurentiis (although seriously, how is she so skinny?)

As for fiction? I read Historical Romance because its funny, light and easily forgotten … yeah, I said it.


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