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(This was written for my summer league team and will be posted on our website, Years ago during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games there was a commercial. I think it was for laundry soap or something (I will look … Continue reading

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Plan away the Panic

We have Emma’s 11th grade advisement this morning. Part of me is really excited about this. Em and I sat and made two college visit reservations yesterday. There are still three to go, which we will make in the spring, … Continue reading

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Sore Throat Food

When we lived in Nashville, TN there was this restaurant called The Pancake Pantry. It is still there, enjoying its “new” space (where it has been now for probably at least 10-12 years), but we used to go to it … Continue reading

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Cobb Swimmer Power Salad

I’ve made them before, I’ve written about them before … the power salad. The salad exactly right for hungry girls (and boys) after school that give them everything they need to get through a two-and-a-half hour workout complete with running … Continue reading

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I Don’t Often Eat Bagels …

… but when I do, I prefer Whole Wheat Bagels with Ina’s Homemade Vegetable Cream Cheese, Emma’s home grown tomatoes (she grew them from seed!), salt, pepper and olive oil. Bagels are just not my food of choice, typically. Don’t … Continue reading

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Becoming Untethered

It’s extremely interesting to me, this issue of change and how we learn to deal with it. I just read my last post of over a month ago (yes, I know it has been a while) and so much has … Continue reading

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The Power Salad

Tonight is our last summer league meet. I’m not even going to lie … I am excited, well … relieved is probably a better word. It has been an exceptionally busy June, what with two teams, a meet every Monday, … Continue reading

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