Saving Money

This isn’t a page I will update all that often, but I will try to post when I come across something fabulous.  I follow this guy on Twitter @MattGranite who posts amazing deals all the time. Most of them aren’t necessarily for things that I use, like expensive purses or non-Apple computer products, but some of them are FAB. U. LOUS!

Like this morning, on you can get University (just about ANY University) Fleece for 2 for $40! If you spend over $70, use the coupon SUMMERSTEAL and get 15% off! (you get 20% off for over $100!) Let me tell you, I stocked up on some Christmas stuff this morning. is my absolute go to place for anything swimming. Last I saw, they had the mega-crazy expensive kneeskins for $139!! (I paid $150 earlier in the summer.) If you know anything, you know that suit cost upward of over $300. Winner winner chicken dinner right there! I always buy from the GrabBag for training suits, it is literally the best deal and you can specify poly suits or lycra.

I am also a huge fan of Cartwheel at Target. Did you know you can scan any product in your cart and it will tell you if there’s a coupon or percentage off? Sometimes, there will be coupons on both the Target app AND Cartwheel! Plus, you can print coupons off the Target website. Just scroll down to the bottom and look for the tee-tiny print that says “Coupons.” Our grocery stores take Target coupons too, its cool.

I’ll be honest though, I’m not super great about coupons, but I am super great about Cartwheel. Today, I got bras for the girls (I mean literally the girls, Emma, Abby, Mollie) for around $8 each! They were on sale, plus the Target app had a coupon. Why do they all need bras at the same time? That’s the bigger question.

Anyway, let me hear from you if you have an awesome deal. I’m no super-saver-coupon-cutter-insanity-at-the-checkout-lane person, but I do okay.


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